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Do you suspect if a pest lives in your home? You might hear an unwanted guest suddenly making noise at night. Or, you might see little foot marks crawling over your kitchen counters. Who or what are these?

Want to find out if you got rodent infestation in your homes? Our professional rat and pests exterminators will come to your relief right away! Get tips, know facts and try effective treatment when you visit our headquarters or call @ (888) 525-5043!

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Rats are relentless! Don’t ever ignore when you see one running outside your properties. There is a high possibility that more than one of them has found a niche somewhere in your home. Rodent species multiply fast, and your worries grow big if you later find pest and rat infestation looms around.

Check if you got in your area one or more of the following:

  • Unidentified rodent droppings in more than one spot in your homes. 
  • Gnaw marks become obvious on walls, cords, appliances, and furniture. 
  • The stench of urine caught your nose, and you keep wondering where it may be coming from.
  • You observe strange pet behaviors.

These are common signs of infestation. Pests bring in disease-carrying bacteria, and you do not want that! Don’t let the mice play. You’ll hear them knocking on your walls or running on the roofs! These are pests that come burrowing through the ground and the wooden doors and cupboards in your homes.  

If these little limber rats found a breeding ground in your properties, it’s time that you evict them.

Call on a rat exterminator. Get a professional rat control team in your local area. Let them be the one who comes knocking on your doors and help you out with dealing with your rodent woes.


Do all rodents bring harm? You may find other kinds climbing up your roofs and trying to get in your homes. Squirrels may band together under a tree in your driveway. Do you need to get rid of them, too? They may be too cute to get on your nerves.

Rodent species surpasses the human population. You may see one living in your basement. But, there may be more than one type of rodent pestering you. They may seem out of sight by day and loom by night when everyone’s asleep. Such pests destroy everything they got their teeth buried into. It’s time for you to find out. 

Aside from the two large front teeth prominent to rodents, you can identify other types through their body shape, size, tail, color, facial features, and feet. Here are common types to watch out for:


A fully-grown field mouse grows at 8-inch, on average, and can weigh up to 0.028 kilograms. Yes, they’re large with huge areas and pointed snout. They can be white, grey, or brown. They got hairless tails and could grow as long as their body.

Do you mostly find yourself unable to sleep peacefully at night? It’s probably because the mice are out to play. They are nocturnal, and they love staying at dark corners.


While the house mouse appears plump, the roof rats are thinner and have lengthy body-built. They have smoother fur, usually, color brown with streaks or spots of black. You can also differentiate them through their underbelly, typically white or grey, and they have tails longer than their snout and body.

They practically live in the attic. They are avid food hoarders, too. If you see food piled up in your roofs or near your vent, it’s a sign you got rats on the top!


Norway rats are underground dwellers. They frequent the bay area and more humid places. Because they love to go deep, you may find them living in pipelines. They love watery, sewage systems, and beneath garbage areas.

They are larger than roof rats and mice, growing up to 12 inches long and a few pounds heavier. Their tails are scaly, darker, and look heavier and longer.


Do you find any food in your pantry gone missing? Then you see trails of crumbs near a tree. You got a pesky squirrel to deal with. Tree squirrels and grey squirrels are common in America. What you need to know about them is they love haunting food.

Squirrels have slender bodies and fluffy, furry tails. You can identify them with their four lengthy digits and a stout thumb. And they got rounded ears and long whiskers. You may find them cute with their big round eyes, but never let yourselves be fooled.


Other types of rodents may frequent your areas. They may grow in number just by finding food resources and a place they find practical to live in.

Get familiar with these other rodent types, and find yourself if you got one burrowing underground below your properties, farms, or gardens. Some of them might be your outdoor nemesis, and knowing their names might help you get rid of them when necessary.

  • Dormouse
  • Lemming
  • Beaver
  • Capybara
  • Desert Rodents
  • Gophers
  • Mole Rodents
  • Vole Rodents

Why Exterminate Rodents

Do you need clean garbage areas, a secured lot, and a secluded roof to eradicate potential rodent breeding grounds? Prevent the exploding number of roof rats and mice in your homes. Their numbers multiply fast. So do not be at ease if you successfully get rid of one.

Rodents bring health risks and hazards. They do not hesitate to live as unwanted guests with humans. Most of them are pests that harm your belongings and leave germs and dirt in your area. They transmit diseases by contaminating your food, cooking utensils, even the clothes you wear. If the rodent infestation becomes too large to control, it is best to contact a professional rat pest control service. On the other hand, it’s also a good idea to call in the pros before the infestation gets out of hand, as the cost of rat extermination rises.

How to keep rats and mice away?

Did you know that mice and rats are most notorious when it comes to property damage? But worse of all, they are the number one cause of the most known killer diseases.

Rodent control and rodent repellent are necessary. Rid of the rats and exterminate these mice’s breeding grounds. Keep your neighborhood safe from diseases. Here are some health hazards that mice and rats bring:

  • They carry bacteria that they might have taken from crawling sewage, pipes, and trash areas.
  • They leave their droppings indiscriminately, may contain salmonella, virus, lepto bacteria, and more.
  • They contaminate your food, leaving dirt on your kitchen tables, bed covers, and cabinets.
  • If you have pets at home, their droppings may be mixed in your pet’s food.
  • Their urine leaves a foul smell contaminating the whole indoor air of your homes.

Why do you want to exterminate squirrels?

Do you find squirrels pestering you? Rodents are not the only ones you need to treat as pests. Squirrels are also common furry critters that crawl up the tree, jump into your roofs, and damage your properties.

Once these little furry guys enter your homes, you’ll find your cords bitten, cupboards scattered of their contents, and seeing squirrels (yes, not just one but many) harming your house. 

Squirrels love to hunt food. They don’t think twice about stealing an item if they find them tasty. They will not also let your furniture pass from their relentless gnawing.

Why do you want to get rid of Norway Rats?

Norway rats love narrow spaces such as pipelines, underground holes, sewage systems, and narrow alleys where people mostly throw their trash.

They frequent dirty places. That is why you will see them in your garages, basements, and the attic, too. If you got messy kitchens, they wouldn’t hesitate to hang around your countertops and sink.

Why you need to get rid of them has a simple answer, they are filthy. Worse, they contaminate a place bringing in diseases and bacteria.

Why do you need to get rid of Roof Rats?

They leave droppings and breed in between your walls and the small spaces at home. When they enter your homes, they will scour for food and look for a suitable dwelling place where they could breed.

Do not let the pests eat your patience and properties away. Extract them from their hideouts found in your place before finding your fortunes end up in their droppings.

Reap these benefits when you eradicate rats and mice from your properties:

  • Save your properties from damages. Increase its value
  • Save cost for home maintenance: fewer pests, fewer worries.
  • Provide a haven for your family.
  • Provide a healthy environment and peaceful surroundings to your loved ones, to your pets, too.

These pests’ appearances differ, but their goal is pinned down to one, pester you.

How to Get Rid of Rodents

Are there easy ways for you to get rid of rodents using mouse traps? Or, do you need to spend a lot to stop them from infesting your properties? You can use traps to catch the sneaky squirrels or bait the roof rats that damage your homes. Or, opt to DIY pest control in your small areas. But to get rid of the growing number of pests in your community, you need professional pest control services. 

Rat riddance can be fast and still be employed as humanely as possible. Make your areas pests proof with an exclusion, maintenance, and more! Rat Relief experts will end all your rodents and other pests’ worries!

Know the ways to get rid of rodent species infesting your properties.

Killing House Mice or Field Mice

Killing one mouse is not enough. You need to kill them all. Your mouse will grow and will multiply faster than you can imagine. A common way to eradicate mice is with traps. Often. Traps are only for a temporary fix. And mice poison is not enough. Here are effective ways to prevent mice from breeding in your home and business spaces.

Here some of the effective ways to rid of mice:

Killing Roof Rats

Stop the roof rats coming back up your roof and drill holes in the ceiling. Mice and deer mice need to be excluded from your lawns, and stop collecting droppings that can get you diseases. 

  • Inspect. Go through your walls, cabinets, narrow hotels and check for breeding rounds.
  • Eliminate. Use baits and rat traps.
  • Exclude. Prevent them from finding entryways to your home.
  • Exterminate. Rodenticides or poisoning are effective ways to kill rats.
  • Fumigation. An effective way to make sure rats do not come back is to fumigate. This can be expensive, so better to ask an expert rodent exterminator to handle this job properly.

Exterminating Norway Rats

Traps and exclusion methods require the expert’s skills. What ultimately matters is that you and your households and the rest of your community are free from the harmful pests that put your health at risk. Exterminate Norway rats once and for all! To rid of them, you need strategic steps to follow:
  • Cover your walls, dents, and vents with mesh wires.
  • Remove bird baths and bird feeders that may attract food hunters, such as rats
  • Remove clutter in and out
  • Regularly clean your backyard, garbage bin, and kitchens
  • Poison with baits in strategic areas
  • Place dead rats in a container to prevent germs from spreading out
  • Clean and disinfect the area

Getting Rid of Squirrels

Prevent squirrels and other wildlife from furthering damages in your areas. With the help of an expert pest exterminator, you’ll get early prevention and be able to tell which pest is ruining your properties by their characteristics. Follow their prints and end these squirrel tales from living on when you see one by their tail.
  • Exclude your palace, set traps, and maintain a clean surrounding
  • Eliminate their shelter areas where they may potentially harbor a number of their kind
  • Clean up , decontaminate and fumigate.
If you are not sure how to decontaminate an infested area, call on professional pest control services near you!

Exterminating Other Rodents & Pests in Your Homes & Business Properties

Get an expert rat exterminator equipped with friendly pest control approaches. Shoo the mouse and scare squirrels away from your trees and properties with safe pest removal methods. These are professional pest control who will get down to the root of all your rodent-woes. Wherever you are, and whenever you sight pesky rats, there are local pest control services ready to help you!

Why Hire a Professional Rat Exterminator or Rodent Control Service Company?

Do it yourself pest control is not enough! Rid of the rodents that damage your properties. These mice are not here to play nice. If you see one looming around your area, don’t treat them as guests. Exterminate these pests and never let them come back!

  • See early signs of mice and other rodent infestation when you get tips from the experts. Do not let their species come breeding in your properties.
  • Rid of the pests’ filth, odor, and their nesting areas. It’s not enough to take the problems out; you need to erase the trails they leave as well with the help of rodent control professionals.
  • Get relief from rats that got you worried the whole day! Stop these shrewd animals from biting the cords of your appliances, drilling holes on roofs and dents, and stop them from eating away the corners of your wooden doors and cabinets.
  • Rodent Control is armed with the most innovative techniques and friendly approach to stop the pests breeding in your properties. Professional pest removal and humane rodent extermination are possible.
  • Rat exterminators and professional pest control services will get to your location. They will extract the pests’ presence and decontaminate your areas from bacteria brought in by rats and squirrels. It’s time to let these pests out!
  • Rodent control service company got gears to know what to do with these rats that are about to ruin your day! Bring an end to your rat problems using the right tools to kill them.
  • Exterminators do not just kill one pest. They go and fumigate breeding grounds to shoo the pests away. They will leave the rats no choice but to leave the area and come back no more!
  • Get practical and cost-efficient Rodent Control solutions when you hire a professional rodent exterminator, and you will be sure that no one species will come back!
Detect rodents early on and stop their infestation, which is only bound to harm your health, and damage your homes and properties. DIY Pest Control is not enough! Call  @ (888) 525-5043! Get a rat and squirrel exterminator right away!
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