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Our company uses the most effective, most humane, and fastest way to get rid of mice, rats, and other pests infesting a home. We have a team composed of home experts that deliver professional rodent control services with desirable results from the initial assessment to the maintenance of your home, with guaranteed results in the long run.

What sets us apart from other companies is that we will not just show you how to get rid of rat infestation, but we will also ensure that you will never have the same problem again.

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Seattle is famous for coffee, bands, and its access to various natural landscapes. With all these in mind, it is no place for a pesky rodent infestation, which can affect not just the local homes but the whole city. The great thing is, Rat Relief Headquarters Seattle is your number one ally in eliminating the very problem that is troubling every home.

Rodents in Seattle

It is easy to identify rodents as small animals with long tails, elongated bodies, and noticeable teeth. People often call them with various interchangeable names, but several common species roam the streets with different characteristics and sizes. 

House Mouse

The most common type of mouse has a pointed nose, short hair, and big ears. They are seen in most homes, and not just in Seattle but around the world as well. These mice roam near the walls, and they often hide in the darkest and most secluded parts of the house.

Brown Rats

The familiar brown or gray rats that are big with tiny ears and eyes with bi-colored tails are called Norway rats or sewer rats. They have a constant need to gnaw and chew on things, that is why they are often burrowing in soil and underground. They frequent basements and lower grounds because of their bigger builts, which makes it difficult for them to climb higher places.

Roof Rats

People often mistake roof rats as squirrels because of how easily they can climb and jump from branches to vines. They are colored brown or black with their bellies in a lighter shade. They are known to eat lots of food like fruits and vegetables, which is dangerous to human health.

Signs to Look For

A rat sighting is often one of the first signs of infestation, but there are other indications of the problem that you should look for to have an early intervention.

Filth and Odor

Mice and other common rodents won’t appear unless the infestation is already severe. They leave stench around corners of the house that cannot be removed even by meticulous cleaning. The presence of rat droppings is evident near food packages, shelves, and drawers. 

Signs of Damage

Damages are not only seen in food and packages as rodents and mice gnaw and bite on them. Bite marks are also visible in belongings like clothing, furniture, and paper materials. There are also damages in house insulation, wirings, and walls.

Mouse Squeaks and Noise

Mice are tiny animals, but they make noise as they run and roam the house, especially for rats that jump from high places. They often rush as a human appears, and they produce a biting sound when they gnaw on things. They often squeak and can be heard, especially at night, when the environment is quieter.

The Solution to Infestation

The best answer to an infestation is rodent control Seatlle which brings the solution right to your homes. Our company only uses pet-safe rodent control, which is harmless for other inhabitants of the house, leaving no toxic residue for pets and other people to inhale or ingest. 

Problem Removal

A team will start with an assessment of the home to determine the severity of the problem. They will recommend a pet-friendly pest control should there be other animals around. The process will use several rodent control methods like mice poison, rat birth control, and mouse traps.


Mice and rodents are pests, but they also need humane handling and extermination. Our team delicately handles each case with an eco-friendly and non-lethal approach for rodent exclusion and handling. 

Proofing and Maintenance

Since our team has the utmost commitment to provide a continuous solution for mouse control, we design proofing methods to ensure that all traces, nests, and entryways are sealed and cleaned. Our commitment does not end when the job is complete, but it will be an ongoing process to ensure the problem will never recur again. 

Your Friendly Exterminator in Seattle

We take pride in our professionals who are the best rat exterminators in Seattle. Our rodent control methods are fast, reliable, and cost-efficient, which are all the characteristics you need to solve your infestation problems. Life in the city should only start with coffee and a cleaner and better living space. Book for an infestation solution now!

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