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Our company provides rodent control services that are pet and eco-friendly, efficient, and fast. Our trained professionals use environmentally friendly control and rodent removal to remove the nuisance while taking care of other inhabitants of the house and their immediate environment. Our rat infestation solution is safe and highly effective.

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The authorities in San Jose are concerned about the growing rat infestation plaguing the city, especially in the downtown area. Since there is a pressing concern, it is time to call rat exterminator San Jose to assess if your house is safe from any rodent infestation and enforce pest and rodent control right away.

The Rodents of San Jose

The behavior of rodents in San Jose is a concern for the community because they are mostly active at night, but sightings of them in the daytime are becoming more common. This is a sign that the infestation is getting worse.

Rodents are small mammals that grow teeth throughout their lifespan. This makes them constantly gnaw and chew on things for filing. Several diseases, ticks, and viruses are associated with them because they are carriers of various types due to their unhygienic nature. Invasive rodents species include rats, mice, and squirrels. The common ones that are in San Jose are the following:

Residential Rat

The residential rate is often a house mouse that can breed rapidly and can adapt to fast-changing conditions. They are round in shape, with dusty gray fur and cream belly. They have a pointy muzzle and have tails that are usually longer than the body. They prefer to eat seeds and cereal and insects, fruits, and nuts. They can also consume human food. 

Norway rat

Norway rats or sewer rats have brown or gray fur. They like to create nests underground because they are good at burrowing. They can grow to 10 inches long, and their appearance is of small ears, large eyes that are protruding. Even though they have a short lifespan of only up to a year, a female Norway rat can breed up to 20 pups during their life. 

Roof Rat

Roof rats are agile rats that can nest on trees and higher places like the roof and attic. They are small and have brown and black fur, long and thin scaly tails, and large sets of ears and eyes. 

What are the Signs

Seeing actual rodents is a sign of an infestation. If rat sightings frequently happen at day, it means that the problem is already severe, and it calls for immediate mouse control.

The mess and stench that rodents leave because of rodent droppings and other excretions leave a musky odor. The rat droppings that appear near food storage can be a threat to health because it can contaminate food and water. 

A foul odor coming from a specific spot in your house may be a sign of infestation. Grab a flashlight and begin examining that area to check if there is an active infestation going on.

Holes in walls and floorboards are signs of burrowing rats. They can also leave traces outdoors, on the ground or soil. 

You can trace the movement of rodents when you hear scurrying and jumping sounds behind walls, under the sink, or in other empty spaces of the house. You can also hear some squeaking and gnawing, especially when the place is quiet at night. 

Our Pest Infestation Solution

There is an imperative need to call for rodent removal of San Jose because of the threat of the infestation to property and health. Our pest and rodent control products and services are fast and cost-effective, executed only by highly trained professionals.

  • Ridding of Rodents

We use equipment and strategies that will trap rodents for proper extermination. Our green rat control will take care of the rats without leaving residues that are harmful to humans and other animals.

  • Extermination of Rodents

We only use rat control products that can humanely exterminate the rodents. Our mice poison is fast-acting so that no further damage will happen to the animal. 

  • Rodent Exclusion and Proofing

The house will have rodent exclusion to locate the highly exposed areas for sealing and proofing. This way, the access points will be closed to prevent future infestations. 

  • Maintenance and Clean Outs

Our team uses rat birth control to help decrease the rat population. The nestings, burrows, and other traces of the infestation will be cleaned and sanitized.

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The best way to safeguard your home from further infestation is to call our professionals to take care of the job. You will make your house safe from all the threats of diseases and damages they bring. We are a trusted rat relief company because we deliver rodent control services that promise great results!

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