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Rodent Control San Diego

Exterminating pests is a world-wide problem, and residents from the coast area cannot escape these rodents.

Stop these unwanted visitors from becoming too comfortable in your homes and workspaces!

There are too many options for rat exterminator San Diego. You might be overwhelmed where to begin.

Start by giving us, Rat Relief Headquarters, a call for expert rodent control San Diego!

Early detection is crucial to prevent unwanted repairs in the building. For example, rats and mice are known to force their ways inside the home, garage, or sheds. These pests steal and contaminate food, damage residential properties like cable wires, and are even susceptible to carry diseases.

At a glance, two rats may not seem like a threat. However, these rodents multiply rapidly. Both rats and house mice achieve reproductive maturity after one to three months. So, before you know it, you are suddenly faced with an overwhelming rat infestation.

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Having problems with rodent infestation including rat poop or destruction of your properties because of gnaw marks? This problem is severe and leaving it unchecked is not an option. Given that house issues often occur, people are usually tempted to fix these on their own. However, DIY solutions are risky. 

It is safer to seek rodent control services professional assistance with us at Rat Relief Headquarters.  

Need assistance? We at Rat Relief Headquarters would love to help you out. We are just one call away.

We are credible.

Our team is composed of licensed inspectors, pest specialists, and other professionals in employing rodent control methods. We uphold transparent communication for our services to our customers.

We get the job done properly.

Our rodent control San Diego is fast and efficient. Doing it yourself is not enough for rodent exclusion. If done improperly, the issue may be exacerbated. Trust us and we will handle it for you!

We give your money’s worth.

You do not need to excessively spend when solving pest problems. We provide more cost-effective services. Avoid the risk of purchasing faulty rat control products or exposing yourself by dangerous mice poison. We possess the skills and tools needed for successful extermination.

We care for your safety.

We care for your family and employees’ well-being. Compared to other rodent control companies, our pest and rodent control materials are pet- and eco-friendly. We believe that humane and ethical extraction of rodents is effective and much preferable. 

We sanitize the infested areas after baiting the pests.

What are the common rodents in San Diego?

For those curious to know, rodents are small animals who gnaw with their sharp teeth. California rodent removal services, like in San Diego, usually encounter rats, mice, squirrels, and gophers. 
Knowing how to identify and to locate these pests is another essential factor for rodent control San Diego! 
We summarized the signs of infestation and the residing places of each rodent.

Norway & roof rats

Indicators Location
  • Its indicators are similar to rats Note: These pests only differ in size; mice are smaller.
  • Shelves, cabinets, drawers, and other furniture

House mouse

  • Its indicators are similar to rats

    Note: These pests only differ in size; mice are smaller.
  • Shelves, cabinets, drawers, and other furniture


  • Chirping & bark-like noises
  • Feces
  • Clawed or destroyed equipment like insulators and water pipes
  • Roof gutters, attic, and chimneys


  • Disturbed backyard with pocket holes
  • Eaten garden crops or plants
  • Underground

How to perform rodent control San Diego?

A lot is expected for a successful rat infestation solution. This is why this step-by-step process necessitates the assistance of pest specialists. 

A pet safe rodent control includes:

  • A thorough inspection of the infested area
    The environment needs to be accounted for because this factor may be the primary reason why pests thrive.
  • Setting up traps and baits to capture the pests
    Pest Control Specialists understand how these creepy-crawlers think and act. Available pest trap guides are too general. Compared to the expertise of a professional, these materials cannot fully assume rodent behaviors. Avoid experiencing a never-ending mouse and cat game.
  • In some cases, rodents are transferred back to their wildlife habitat for conservation efforts.
  • Effectively sealing entry points (both inside and outside) to avoid recurrence of pest infestation
  • Monitoring of progress and pest behavior after installing protective measures

What are the different kinds of humane rodent extermination?

Preparation is key to unlock the solutions needed for your pest troubles. We know that not all rodent infestations are the same. For your convenience, we summarized our major rodents control services:

Rat Removal San Diego

Mouse Control

Clean up food and water sources in and near your homes

Ground Squirrels Trapping

Do not let yourself suffer from headaches caused by rodent infestations! Contact us to spend your repair money wisely with our top quality service.

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