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We have crafted the best methods and strategies to handle rat infestation with minimal invasion using pet and eco-friendly products and services. Our highly professional staff performs rodent inspection and careful execution of the solution with the most humane rat extermination practices. We will take care of the problem while keeping the welfare of the family and other pets. 

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The dark corners of the house is a hideout for the most troublesome animals that can cause damage to property and threat to health. In San Antonio, news of rat infestation is spreading, and the problem is growing along with the continuous population growth. Rat removal San Antonio brings the best rodent control services and products to the city.

Our Area of Expertise

Our services cover assessment, execution, and maintenance that addresses rodent infestation. Rodents are small mammals with distinct sets of ears, eyes, and nose. Two different types of rodents are common in San Antonio:

Norway Rats

The Norway rats or sewer rats are always near the ground or any wet place. They are the larger types of rats with gray or brown fur, small eyes, blunt and short muzzles, and ears that are short and hairless. They are large species that can grow up to a foot long. 

Black Rats

Black rats are also known as roof rats because of how they can easily climb roofs through vines and trees. Their ears and eyes are large, and their muzzles are pointy. Their bodies are slimmer and shorter than the Norway rats, which makes them experts in climbing and jumping.

When to Call a Rat Exterminator San Antonio

You can detect the early signs of a sign of rat infestation by paying attention to some of these cues:

Filth and Odor

The areas that pests frequent will have plenty of black rat droppings and the size of a rice grain. They also leave a stench that is difficult to rid of, even after a thorough cleaning with soap and water. These substances are dangerous to humans when accidentally mixed with food or exhaled in the air.


Rodents and mice can build their own living space by burrowing underground or by creating nests. They get the materials by gnawing on house materials like paper, furniture stuffing, insulation, and wirings. Nests are a sign of severe infestation and proof that the rodents have made a home in your house.

Most people like to set up their own mouse-control devices at a sighting of one in the kitchen or the living room because this is the most obvious sign of an infestation. Tempting as it is, do not try to handle the problem on your own but call for pest control San Antonio for a fast and efficient process.

How to Prevent the Damages of Rodents

The best rat and mice control is through effective prevention practices. After our team, we advise different households to keep their surroundings tidy and organized. Keeping the house clean will deter rats from inhabiting the place. Proper disposal of trash and food wastes will also help cut their food source.

To ensure that no one will suffer the diseases they bring, keep your things clean and sanitized. Kitchenware should be kept in tightly sealed spaces to prevent rats from crawling on them. Keep dark and secluded places dry and clean to make sure no nests will grow from there.

Professional Rodent Control

Professional rodent control services will be able to help you secure your place from further infestation by using only the best rat infestation solution with pet-safe rodent control and eco-friendly methods.

Our team starts with a rodent inspection to determine which parts of the house are at risk of damage and break-ins from rats and rodents. They will also assess the damages that the infestation has done.

Special devices will ensure a rodent exclusion to seal all the possible entryways to the house.

The rat extermination process will start with the removal of rodents using traps and includes a mice poison to rid of the animal instantly and a mice birth control to minimize the growth in their population.

For maintenance, our crew will put repellants and natural pest solutions to make sure the infestation will not happen again in the future.

One Call Away to Safety

The problem of a rat infestation is just a step away from total eradication. Pest control San Antonio promises results that are effective, cost-efficient, and swift.

The best way to ensure your health and safety of your house and your family is to call our team and schedule our services right away. Do not let your house suffer from damages and threat any further, and give us a call right away! We can discuss the best solution that will target the problematic infestation in your home.

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