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We are a rodent control service – we help homeowners manage rat or mice infestations in Sacramento. We have a varied range of solutions that would fit any need you may have to control and remove rats or mice. As a company, we also ensure that once the infestation is handled – you will not experience the same problem again. We advise homeowners of preventive methods for rodents from returning.

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Handling rodents is a dirty job – and if not done correctly, it can get you sick. Rodents such as rats can carry multiple diseases that can spread rapidly. These pests are also destructive. Rodents can gnaw through walls and wirings, which can be a hefty cost when replaced.

Rat Relief Headquarters aims to take care of the issues for you. We ensure your safety by dispatching professionals who perform rodent removals or exterminations. The process will be stress-free as we work fast and efficiently. It is vital since rodents can breed incredibly quickly! If you have pets or are environmentally conscious, we can cater to your needs. We have a range of methods that are both pet and eco-friendly. Lastly, we are also cost-effective – our efforts to keep your home safe is worth the price!

What defines a rodent?

A rodent is a relatively small mammal with fur. It has distinctive incisors found in both the upper and lower jaw of the animal. Rodents can range from rats, mice, to squirrels.

Rodent Common Species in Sacramento


Mice are smaller than rats, with a length of fewer than five inches without its tail. It has a grey fur coating, with a lighter shade on its underbelly. Mice breed extremely fast. They tend to create pathways along walls or places that are clean of cobwebs and dust. Mice tend to stay in areas that are secluded with ample materials for nesting. Thus, they are likely to remain in utility closets or basements where discarded materials such as cupboards or shredded paper are placed. 

Norway Rats

A Norway rat is more elongated than Roof rats – they can grow to 16 inches. Their tail is shorter than its body length. It has a muscular and dense built because it tends to dig and create burrows. The coating is brown with hints of black and a lighter underbelly with pale yellow fur. It tends to stay in lower areas, such as basements.

Roof Rats

Roof rats have a length of approximately 14 inches, and their tails are longer than their bodies.

These rats’ coating is black or brown, with a lighter underbelly of gray or beige fur. It has a thin body with large eyes and ears. They are notorious for gnawing into walls, wirings, and furniture. They are habitual and will continue or go to areas it has become accustomed. They also prefer nesting in higher areas, such as roofs and attics.

Signs of Rats and Mice Infestation

Where to look and What to look for?

Mice and rats will tend to stay in dark hidden areas. The first area to check is your attic and basement, followed by places along your walls and wiring. You should also check spots in your home with insulation or sites where you store discarded boxes, paper, or cloth pieces. These are prime materials where mice or rats nest. Lastly, check your kitchen cabinets below the kitchen sinks and pantries.

Carcass or Dropping

The most evident sign is finding a carcass of a mouse or a rat. Another indicator is finding pellet-like droppings. Rodents tend to have droppings in areas near where they settle or frequently go. These are easily detectable due to a distinct foul odor. 

Trail and Prints

Rodents scurry along dirty surfaces. Rats have greasy fur, leaving brown stains in areas. You may see tail marks or paw prints on or with dust. Similarly, mud and dirt may also have tracks left behind. 

Scratching noises

Rodents, such as mice and rats, are nocturnal. Sounds of scurrying or gnawing can be heard at night if your home has rodents in it. 

Preventing Common Rodent Damages in Homes

Rats and mice can enter your home with entryways as small as half to a quarter-inch for mice. It is essential to seal possible entrances with cement or using steel wool. Finding the smallest possible openings will be difficult – ensure that you have a habit of disposing of rotting materials and food correctly. It lessens the likelihood of attracting rodents into your home.

Rat Relief Rodent Solutions:

Here is our range of solutions and methods we use to handle any type of rodent infestation you may be facing, 

    • Rat Removal
    • Mouse Exterminating
    • Squirrel Removal & Control
    • Southern Flying Squirrel Trapping
    • Trapping and Removal of Rats
    • Sealing of Entry points
    • Attic Restoration and Decontamination
    • Population Control
    • Extermination
    • Eradication
    • Exclusion

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Sometimes preventing your home from rodents is not enough. Have professionals handle the infestation. It will be stress-free due to its efficiency and effectiveness. It also ensures that the management of infestation is safe.

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