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Rodents tend to chew up everything, from cabinets in the kitchen to wires and cables. Repairs will cost a fortune. However, that is not the worst part. Rodents can spread disease and contaminate the food in your homes. To save money and to keep you and your family safe, contact a rodents control service.

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We are a professional rodent control company. We aim to remove rodents, such as rats, from invading your homes. Simultaneously, also educating and informing homeowners about the best solutions to handle an infestation. We utilize our expertise to carry out these tasks in the most efficient manner. Not only do we work fast, but we also are cost-effective. Damages from rodents are enough expenses for you to pay off! Unlike other companies, your pets and the environment are safe. We ensure to use pet and eco-friendly rodent control products and solutions.

What is a Rodent?

The first step in pest and rodent control is distinguishing what type of infestation is in your home. A rodent is a mammal that encompasses rats, mice, and squirrels. They tend to gnaw with incisors and are relatively small.

Rodent Common Species in Roswell

In Roswell, you can expect to see rats, mice, squirrels. To distinguish between a rat or mouse, look at the size. A rat is relatively bigger in size than a mouse. It would be approximately eight inches or larger in length. Squirrels are straightforward to differentiate due to having more prominent eyes and fur on their tails and legs.

Signs of Infestation

Predominantly, rodents will go into homes during the fall. These rodents will try to find a shelter to stay and keep warm during the winters. However, this does not mean that a rodent infestation only occurs then.


One widespread indicator is finding pellet-like feces in your homes. Rat and mice feces may be more likely to be the kitchen pantries, cabinets, and sinks. These are very harmful. It can carry diseases and cause allergies. Check around cardboard boxes, wall beams, or baseboards as well. Squirrel droppings are more likely to be found in your attic and roof. Rodent excreta will also have a foul and distinct odor.

Gnaw marks

Chewing or bite marks along the wirings, beams, plastic, and pipes are a sign of an infestation. Squirrel gnaw marks will be prominently seen around the area of the roof. In contrast, mice and rats are behind the walls.


Strange or scurrying noises are an indicator of what type of rodent resides in your home. Squirrels are active during the mornings and in the afternoons. In contrast, mice and rats will be mobile at night.


Rodents are more likely to build nests in areas that are dark and concealed. These include the space behind your walls, the basement, or the attic. Mice will use materials such as tattered paper, fabrics such as cotton, and packaging materials. Similarly, squirrels can use the insulation in the attic with materials they can get from the outside. It includes twigs and leaves. Squirrels can also store or leave acorns or other food in the nest.

Preventing Common Rodent Damages in Homes

You can do things at home to ensure that infestation is not an option! Pest control, such as setting traps, poison, and repellant against rodents, can prevent this. Also, sealing any possible entryways from the outside of your home is another common prevention. If you are dealing with an infestation or ensure no chances of an infestation, consider Rat Relief Rodent Solutions.

Rat Relief Rodent Solutions

Rat Removal and Exclusion

The first step is to estimate the size of the damage or coverage of the rat infestation. If there are roof rats in your home, professionals would need to enter your roof to remove the rodents. They will set traps and return the following days to check how many are trapped successfully—repeating the process until no more rats are captured. The method utilized may be accompanied by other rat infestation solutions and products. 

Mice Extermination

The method can utilize mice bait and traps. However, predominantly a pet and an eco-friendly solution will be dispersed in the home to exterminate the mice. The exterminators will return after a few days to clean the carcasses and droppings.

Squirrels Maintenance

Squirrels can be trapped and relocated or disposed of after. The utilization of a squirrel repellent is also common during maintenance. After removing the infestation, similarly to rats and mice, taking preventive measure are vital. It includes sealing openings from the outside, ensuring that the infestation will not occur again

Rat Relief your Home

It is best to leave it to the professional – especially rodent removal or extermination in Roswell. It would ensure that your home is 100% infestation free and ensure that this will not occur again. Disposing carcasses and feces can be dangerous – prioritize your health and safety. 

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