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Who are we?

Rat Relief Headquarters Portland is a professional rodent control service company that rids any of your rodent-related woes.

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Fear takes out enjoyment in life. Let Rat Relief Headquarters Portland handle your pest-related fears. Our trained staff will efficiently address any of your pest concerns.

What do we exterminate?

Rodents are small-sized mammals that characteristically like to gnaw with their chisel-shaped incisors.

Common Types of Rodents:


Mice have round-shaped bodies. Their large floppy ears are not proportionate to their body size. Typical adult mice cannot grow longer than 8 inches in length (tail length included). Their tails are considerably thin. They have a plant-based diet and like to feast on seeds, grains, and small fruit. 


Squirrels are noticeably larger than mice and rats. Not only are they easy to distinguish because of their size but also their tails. They have thick bristly tails.


Rats have tubular-shaped bodies. Their ears are proportionately small compared to their body. Typical adult rats can grow up to 16 inches long (tail length included). Their tails are thick and have a noticeably “scaly” texture. They consume plant-based food but are more inclined to consuming protein (e.g., meat and cheese).

Common Types of Rats:

  1. Roof Rats are skilled climbers. Their capability in climbing high, hard to reach places makes them prone to nest in ceilings and roofs.
  2. Norway Rats do not have the same climbing prowess as roof rats. They stay close to the ground; hence, they establish their nests under floorboards and basements.

What are the signs of a rodent infestation?

Knowing the early signs of rodent infestation in your homes, in your business establishments, and in your office is a must. These signs aid in getting rid of the pest problem quicker and lessens the chances of having damages to your property.

Audible Scratching

Rodents scurry. They move at a brisk pace that disallows them not to produce any sound. These sounds are especially noticeable at night.

Grease Marks

Rodents have greased fur. When they come into contact with surfaces, they leave visible grease marks.

Foul-smelling Excretions

Rodents are messy creatures. They leave pungent smelling urine and rodent droppings (feces) everywhere.


Homes assure rodents of constant warmth and food supply. With this in mind, rodents have no second thoughts relocating elsewhere.

Sightings of a Live or Dead Rodent

Seeing one rodent means having multiple. Rodents stay in groups and are infamously known to reproduce fast.

Disheveled Outdoor Space

Rodents like to peek through your trash for food scraps. They create burrows in your lawn when they need warmth and shelter.

Damaged Belongings

Rodents habitually like to chew on things. Seeing chew marks on your belongings should alarm you. When you notice chew marks of any kind, straightaway check your wires, pipes, and beams. These seemingly harmless chew marks may cause costly fires, leaks, and structural hazards.

What products and services do we offer?

Rat Relief Headquarters Portland offers a variety of rodent-related products and services. These sure-fire methods will repel rodents from your space.

Rodent Infestation Inspection

Our team will determine all rodent-infested areas, scale the severity of the rodent-infestation, and design a personalized rodent control service plan. 

Rodent (Mice, Rats, and Squirrels) Removal and Extermination

Our well-trained team can guarantee the removal of all living and dead rodents through these effectively proven solutions: 

  • We install highly-effective humane baits and traps throughout your space.
  • We strategically position pet-safe and environmentally-friendly rodent poison. 

Rodent Control

  • Exclusion is the act of determining and sealing all possible rodent entryways so that future unwanted rodent break-ins would not occur. 
  • Rodent birth control reduces the pace of rodent reproduction. 

Space Disinfection

Our meticulous team would carefully discard and sanitize all rodent excretions – droppings, urine, and pheromones. 

All-Year-Round Rodent Control Maintenance Service

Our team continuously stays in contact with you throughout the year to ensure that we can address your rodent-related concerns promptly. 

Our Company: Rodent Control Portland

Rat Relief Headquarters Portland stands out because of three major notable points:

Our approach is fast and effective. Our efficiently trained staff can readily solve your rodent-related worries.

We assure our customers that our products and services are pet and environmentally friendly.

The products and services that we offer are well-priced. These products and services are bang for the buck.

Why avail our products and services?

Your health is at risk when you do not immediately address a rodent infestation. Several health ailments are associated with rodent infestations. Examples of these ailments are salmonellosis, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, rat-bite fever, and rabies. 

Fear inhibits you from living your life to the fullest. Be one step closer to living a fulfilling worry-free life by contacting Rat Relief Headquarters Portland. Your solution to a rodent-free life is us.

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