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Rodent Control Los Angeles

Your space should be a safe haven; thus, protecting it from unwanted pests is of topmost priority. Pass the burden of rodent control to the capable hands of Rat Relief Headquarters. We guarantee that your space will be rodent-free.

Who are we?

Rat Relief Headquarters is a professional Los Angeles-based rodent control services company.

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What do we exterminate?

Rat Relief Headquarters specializes in the extermination of rodent infestation. Enumerated below are the common rodent species in Los Angeles:

Mouse / Mice

  • Length: Measuring from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail, a fully-grown mouse would not exceed the 8-inch mark. 
  • Body: The general shape of its body is round.
  • Facial Features: A mouse has a narrow snout. Its ears are floppy and large for the size of its head. 
  • Tail: Its skinny tail amounts to at least half its length. At a distance, it may appear bald. 
  • Feet: Unlike its tail, its feet are almost hairless


  • Length: A rat is twice as large as an adult mouse – reaching almost 16 inches. 
  • Body: Compared to the round shape of a mouse, its body is more tube-shaped. 
  • Facial Features: Its snout is blunt. Its ears are small and hairless. 
  • Tail: Its tail is thick and covered in fine hair that is only visible when seen up close. It has a noticeable scale-like texture. 
  • Feet: Its feet are also hairless like that of a mouse.


  • Length: A typical adult squirrel can grow between 15 to 20 inches. 
  • Body: 
  • Facial Features: Its eyes are prominently larger than other house rodents. 
  • Tail: It is noticeably bushier when compared to other house rodents. The texture of its thick fur is bristly. It’s usually in an upright position.    
  • Feet: A squirrel has fur on its feet.

When do you need rodent control services?

Be aware of the current state of your home. Check for the following signs of rodent (mice, rat, and squirrel) infestation:


Rodent feces are randomly scattered wherever they please to relieve themselves.

Audible Scratching

Rodents do not move around quietly. You would hear these sounds between partition walls and ceilings.

Damaged Furniture

Rodents innately like to chew on things.

Questionable Grease Marks

Whenever their bodies brush upon any surface, they leave these surfaces tainted with their grease.

Pungent Scent

Besides leaving droppings anywhere, rodents are notorious for urinating wherever as well.


When they decide to take up residence in your space, they create nests. These nests are usually hard to find since they prefer dimly lit areas. On the occasion that you stumble upon one, you should not attempt to remove it on your own. Do not risk getting harmed. Contact Rat Relief Headquarters instead.

Why avail our rodent control services?

Rodents rapidly reproduce. A few rodents can instantly turn to tens then hundreds. Not only are they capable of multiplying fast, they like to congregate. Neighboring rodents can easily track one another by sniffing their fellow rodent’s pheromones. When they do, they will band together. More rodents would mean more damage to your home. Not only will it affect your house’s physical structure and furniture but your food supply as well. Your electric wires are at risk as well. Chewed wires are fire hazards. Rodents can also spread various diseases such as Hantavirus, Salmonella, Lyme Disease, and Colorado Tick Fever. They are also known to carry fleas. 

Protect the physical structure of your well-beloved space and ensure the safety of the people around you by contacting Rat Relief Headquarters.

What Services Do We Offer?

Rat Relief Headquarters offers several rodent-control methods. 

  • Pre-construction Protection Services: Before any construction activity ensues, we can ensure that the grounds are pest-free.  
  • Exclusion: We would thoroughly seal all possible rodent entry points. 
  • Rodent Extermination: Our team would strategically place traps and bait placements. You can also opt to use rodent poison. For extreme cases, we fumigate and use rodent birth control (the contraceptive reduces the rodents’ rate of reproduction). 
  • Space Disinfection: We sanitize and remove all traces of rodent infestation – droppings, urine, and pheromones.
  • Rodent Control Maintenance Service: We can make periodic inspections to guarantee that your space will remain rodent-free.

What makes our company different from other rodent control companies in Los Angeles?

  • We provide fast and efficient service – your rodent infestation problems will quickly be resolved. 
  • Our services are well-priced. Expect good results without costing you much. 
  • All products used to eliminate rodent infestation are pet and eco-friendly.  

Feel safe in your space. Let Rat Relief Headquarters help you achieve peace of mind when it comes to your home. Our skilled team can rid your rodent problems. Remember that Rat Relief Headquarters is your solution to a rodent-free space.

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