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Our company specializes in how to get rid of rat infestation to make your home a safer place for the family. Our rodent control services and products are guaranteed pet and eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient to deliver fast results.

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A quality home life includes a pest-free house. One could not afford to live in constant fear of the damages and health threats that a rat infestation brings. The best answer for every home is a rat infestation solution by rodent control Jacksonville, Florida.

Type of Rodents in Jackson FL

Rodents are mammals that are unique because their teeth grow during their lifetime. To file and keep their teeth from growing too long, they need to gnaw and chew on things constantly. In Jacksonville FL, the most common types of rodents are the following:

House Mouse

The physical characteristics of a house mouse are small round ears, pointy noses, and long hairless tails. They prefer to take residence inside a home because of easy access to food and water. These species are more likely to move into a home as the cold seasons come to seek refuge and warmth. 

Roof Rat

The most agile rodents are the roof rats, and it is evident in how they jump roofs and climb onto vines and tree branches. Roof rats frequent higher places in the house, and they prefer nesting on trees, cabinets, attics, and even inside walls. These rats have fur that is black and smooth, with pointy faces and large ears. Their food preference includes fruits, garden vegetables, and even dog or cat food. They like to hoard food in their nests also.

Norway rat

One of the largest rodents is the Norway rat or Sewer rat. They can survive the sewers up to a couple of days because they are excellent swimmers. Their fur is shaggy brown or gray, and their tails are scaly. They are mostly nocturnal mammals who like to hide in their burrows by day and come out by night. They are known to eat meat from dead animals, fish, and even other rodents.

Signs of a Home Infestation

It is difficult to spot an infestation during the early times, but there are several cues you should know to alert the rat exterminator Jacksonville FL right away.

Rat droppings and Stench

These secretions can be seen especially near food packages, drawers, and cupboards, and under kitchen sinks and other crawl spaces.

Gnaw marks

Since rodents also like human food, they can gnaw and chew on food packages to access it. Their constant need to bite will also show on chewed wood, furniture, wirings, and even insulation materials. Once you see damages on your property, you need to plan for a pest and rodent control because they can get worse.

Rodent Sighting

The most evident sign of an infestation is a rodent sighting. A rodent running over the counter or scurrying sounds underneath the sink are clear indications that there is a rodent problem in your home.


Secluded and dark places are the areas where rodents like to build their nests. You will find shredded pieces of paper, chewed materials, and even clothing and food crumbs. These are the concrete signs of a severe rodent infestation in a home.

How to Get Rid of Rodents?

There are a lot of reasons why you need a rat infestation solution immediately. They are a danger to your property and health. They are unhygienic because of the dirt and diseases they carry with them. Rodents are an indication of poor sanitation and rodent proofing planning. We offer services that deliver the most desirable results:

Mouse Extermination

Unlike other companies, we use rat control products that are ethical, eco-friendly, and pet-safe. We do not like to endanger other animals around while placing mice poison to eliminate the target.

Rodent Exclusion

Rodent exclusion is a method that will reduce the conditions that attract rodents to your home. Our team of professionals will put rodent intrusion prevention mechanisms that will prevent them from all possible entry points.

Rodent Clean-up

Part of our services includes cleaning up the mess and damage that rodents create in your property. It will rid of all the nests, dirt, and stench left on different parts of the house.

The Rodent Removal Jacksonville FL Authority

Let our team of rodent experts remove your fears and worries from the house. You need to live in a secure place free of rodents that can affect your daily life. You need not worry about your living space because we provide the best solution to clear your home of any rats, rodents, and mice. Make a call now to start your day right!

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