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Rat Relief Headquarters is a professional rodent control service company based in Houston, Texas. We offer effective rodents control services for rats, mice, and even squirrels. Our team of experts thoroughly inspects your place and renders the best solution that will yield a rodent-free space.

Methods and products utilized are 100% pet and eco-friendly with guaranteed zero infestation outcome. Services provided by the company are reasonably-priced.

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Having a hard time getting sound sleep at night? Do you get anxious from squeaky noises made by your unwanted guests?

A home is a place of comfort and safety. It should provide security from any disturbances, but this is not the case for everyone. For those who have home invaders such as rodents, it certainly is uncomfortable. The constant headaches from managing damages to unsanitary traces of rodents thriving in your place can be troublesome.

If you are experiencing this kind of inconvenience, we can help you be rid of it. Our rodent control experts can handle your problem.

What are Rodents?

With the subtropical climate of Houston, animals such as rats, squirrels, and other rodents are likely seen outside at night for food search. They have a characteristic of inhabiting tight areas that may be burrowed anywhere else in the environment. But mostly, they find themselves lodging at the comfort of your houses. 

What are the common rodents in Houston?

The species of rodents commonly seen in Houston include the common house mouse, Norway rats, and Roof rats. They can be identified through their behavior, size, and color differences. Though they may have distinct features, all are capable of property destruction – rodent control is a must!

Common House Mouse

The common house mouse is the smallest among the three species identified – with a length of up to seven inches. Because of its size, this big-eared, grayish-brown creature can come through small cracks. 

Norway Rats

Norway rats are bigger than mice – with a length of up to nine-and-a-half inches. They are distinct for their bulging eyes, blunt noses, small ears, and stouter bodies. 

Roof or Attic Rats

Roof rats or attic rats have a darker color, pointed noses, big eyes, and large ears. Relatively smaller than Norway rats, its length is about eight inches. Its tail adds about more or less extra six inches. 

Where to check for possible rodent infestation?

The annoying sound of scampering and squeaking in the walls, floors, and even the roof of your house is an indication of rodent invasion. Rodents are capable of destroying property by constantly chewing wirings and furniture. Since these creatures are nocturnal, it is best to inspect in tight spaces with minimal or no illumination.

Norway rat: Its body structure makes it more likely to survive in the water; hence, one might be found gnawing in the plumbing.

Roof rat/attic rat: It is often found climbing up towards your roof, attic, gutter, and drainpipes. It uses its distinct long tail for balance as it scuttles into these areas of your home.

How to prevent damages from rodent infestation?

Damages from rodent infestation can be prevented by:

securing any portal entry like gaps and holes surrounding your home

avoid leaving any food traces that might attract them during scavenging at nighttime

calling for professional help in rodent control

Rat Relief Rodent Solutions

Our rat relief rodent solutions are focused on rat removal, mouse extermination, and squirrel removal and control. For green rat control, cages and traps are utilized. Rat and mice poison is used by our professional team to control rodent populations. 

Trained professionals of Rat Relief Headquarters provide rodent exclusion through:


Both external and internal spaces are inspected thoroughly – from trees and bushes to pipes, roof, attic, and foundation to which these rodents may have access to your home. Through this, we can locate the areas in your home where these rodents have made their habitat.


After determining the entry points, we will seal these gaps and holes with steel screens so that rodents could not chew their way in. As a result, it will prevent rodents from coming back.


Trapping devices will be set in strategic locations. We will place baits containing rodenticides; we assure you that these are pet-safe rodent control.


Rodents leave unsanitary traces such as urine and other wastes. These contaminants may impose serious health hazards to your family – as part of our service, we see to it that the place is decontaminated properly for your safety.


After completing disinfecting measures, we also offer repair services for the damages caused by rodent infestations. We can replace and/or renovate destroyed structures and restore your house to its condition before rodent invasion.

Perimeter Treatment

Exterior perimeter is treated with eco-friendly rat birth control solutions for residual protection.

Rodent control requires professional help as rodents impose damage and serious health risks. Rat Relief Headquarters provide the best quality of rodent control service in Houston. Not only do we eliminate rodent infestation, but we also commit ourselves to restore safety and comfort in your homes. For fast and efficient rodent control at a low-cost, avail of our services. Give us a call!

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