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Who are we and What do we do?

We are a rodent control services company in Dallas, Texas. We have multiple ways we can control and remove pests such as rodents in your home for good! These can range from exterminations to removals. We also inform homeowners about handling their rodent problems at home and ensuring that they will not experience another rat infestation.

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What Defines a Rodent?

Rodents are distinguishable through the trait of incisors that grow on their jaw. They are relatively small in size and covered with fur. Examples of rodents that can become pests are rats, mice, and squirrels.

Rodent Common Species in Dallas

There are some differences between rodents, and distinguishing them can help you handle the infestation more effectively and efficiently.

Norway Rats

One type of rats that is likely to infest your home is Norway rats. It has a thick structure with a brown or gray coat. Although, the fur underneath their torso is a lighter shade. The tail is hairless and is shorter than the length of its body and head. Its ears are small, and its eyes are black. 

Roof Rats

In comparison to Norway rats, Roof rats have similar hues of fur. Roof rats have deep brown or black hair with gray hints, and a lighter coat underneath its belly. It has dark-colored eyes, and it has a big set of ears. Its hairless tail is longer than its head and body.


House mice are smaller in stature than rats. They have brown to gray coatings. Like rats, their underbelly is lighter, covered in cream fur. Mice are most comparable to roof rats. They have large ears and a pointed nose. However, their tail has a light coating and is similar to the length of their body. 

Signs of Rats, Mice, Squirrels Infestation

Odor and Droppings

Rodent’s urine will have a distinct and musky scent, and droppings are shaped like a pallet. Rodent droppings would usually be near places where mice or rats do pass through or stay. Rat droppings are commonly seen in kitchen counters, cabinets, drawers, and pantries. In comparison, spot mouse droppings in the attics, garage, basement, and garages.

Burrows and Nests

Rats tend to create burrows along walls, ditches, fences, woodpiles, concrete slabs, near rubbish, or little vegetation. These are passageways rats use to search for food at night. Mouse nests made of cardboard, shredded paper, or cloth would be in utility closets, garages, basements, or attics.


At nights, the sound of gnawing or scurrying feet is significant indicators you have a rat or mice infestation. These can be behind wallings, cabinets, or in the attic.

Preventing Common Rodent Damages in Homes

There are multiple ways you can prevent common rodent damages at home. The first way is to ensure that rodents do not have an entryway outside to inside your home. Seal holes or possible entrances with steel wool or patching it with cement. The second way is to ensure that rodents do not have materials to create nests. Remove dried leaves, unused cardboard boxes, shredded paper, or cloth scraps from your property. Lastly, ensure that no food, water, or drink are left out or are not disposed of correctly. These will attract rodents into your property.

Problems We Solve

Rodents can carry multiple diseases and bring other pests into your homes, such as fleas and ticks. Rats, mice, and even squirrels can gnaw into your home and destroy your walls and furniture. The most frightening part of it all is that they can breed and multiply incredibly fast!

Rat Relief Headquarters aims and ensures that we can solve this problem for you. We can handle the rodents in your home with our expertise, saving you the stress and time.

Why Us?

We ensure that the people who take on your problems are professionals. We are experts in the field, safeguarding your home from another infestation again. We also ensure that our methods are fast and efficient – ensuring that you don’t have to worry about pests any longer! We also have pet and eco-friendly solutions and strategies, keeping everyone in your family and the environment safe. Lastly, we are cost-effective, guaranteeing that every cent is worth it.

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Rodents are not only an inconvenience, spreading food and dirt in your homes. However, as well as diseases. Having rodent infestations controlled by professionals ensures that you will not experience another again. It keeps you and your family safe from infections and further expense from home damages.

Have professionals do that job to remove the infestation! It will be stress-free, and Rat Relief Headquarters is the best company to contact. You can call or message us at (888) 525-5043.

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