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Rat Relief Headquarters is a Chicago-based company of rodent-control experts. We offer rodents exclusion services at a low-cost. Our professional team employs the best rodent control services for your home. We use pet-safe as well as eco-friendly tools and products to prevent further damages.

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What are rodents?

Rodents are mammals that are widely distributed worldwide with the exception of Antarctica. They are distinguished by a set of incisor teeth that are continuously growing. Rodents sharpen these teeth by using it as a tool to destroy pipes, wood, walls, and wirings.

Rodents are generally active at night as they forage for food and comfortable shelter. More often than not, they scuttle their way inside your home. These animals pose health risks as they are carriers of organisms and waste substances that are harmful to humans.

Common Rodents in Chicago

In Illinois, House mice and Norway rats are the most common rodents seen invading homes. Here are the species of rodents that frequently invade your home:

Norway rat

It is typically 9 inches long. It is characterized by a blunt nose, and small eyes and ears.

Roof rat

It is relatively sleeker and smaller than a Norway rat. It has large eyes and ears and a pointed nose. It has a long and large tail that aids primarily for its balance.

House mice​

They generally look smaller than rats with a length of 3 to 4 inches. They can fit through small openings – about a quarter inch.

Deer mice

They prefer outdoor living, particularly in wooded areas. They have rounded ears and body shape, grow from 5 to 8 inches, and have big eyes.

Meadow voles

They appear to have chubby bodies that typically grow from 3 to 5 inches long. They are distinguished through their hidden rounded ears.

Signs of Rodent Infestation

Rodents generally prefer thriving in dark places as they are nocturnal. At nighttime, as they search for food, you can hear scuttling noises across walls, floors, and attics. They create smudge marks that are greasy and serve as a guide for their nesting and food source path. They also leave distinct droppings (rodent poop) that help identify the kind of rodent present in your home. Some of your things may also have been destroyed as these rodents are constantly chewing.

Norway rats are typically seen in sewage and pipelines when inside the house.

House mice have a preference for making their territory in dark secluded areas. They constantly chew on electrical wirings that is a potential cause for the fire to start.

Deer mice prefer climbing high and wooded areas. They have usually seen dwelling in furniture, basements, attics, and even in storage boxes.

Voles are rarely found inside your home because they prefer outdoor habitat.

Squirrels are known as wild animals. Leftover food usually attracts them as they rummage for food. They seek shelter in your attic for warmth during winter.

Prevention of Common Rodent Damages

Rodent invades the house for food and protection. To prevent damages from the rodent infestation, we recommend:

Sealing potential access points for rodent entry. Cracks, gaps, and damaged sewage systems should be checked regularly as these may allow rodents to enter your home.

Avoid leaving any traces of food as it attracts rodents during food hunt.

Call for professional help to eradicate your rodent problem.

Rat Relief Rodent Solutions

Our professional team provides services on rat removal, mouse extermination, squirrel removal and control, and beaver removal. We use cages and traps to promote green rat control. Our company renders wildlife control services such as trapping of squirrel and beaver removal.

Rat Relief Headquarters employ these techniques for effective rodent control:

Rat Removal

Indoor and outdoor areas are thoroughly inspected for access points. Setting up baits and traps for outdoor and possible re-entry of rats. Rat poison is also used but guaranteed not harmful to animals other than rats. We also treat the area of infestation with rat birth control products as residual protection.

Mouse Extermination

Gaps should be sealed as these serve as entry points for house mice. Small crack holes are sealed with steel to inhibit them from being able to chew their way in again. Mice poison is used to exterminate existing mouse species inside your home. Traps are strategically placed to capture these rodents too. Cautious disposal of deer mouse is imperative as this species is known to be a carrier of Hantavirus.

Squirrel Removal and Control

Though commercial poison baits are available, the most effective way to remove unwanted squirrels is through live trapping. Our professional team can set up the best trapping method for these wild animals by initially locating their path of entry. Once trapped, these animals are to be relocated by the licensed experts. We recommend to repair and seal the entry points of these squirrels so that they would no longer have access to your home.

Beaver removal

Beavers are known to be a nuisance to some ecologic properties that it requires removal. They are not responsive to chemical attractants and poison baits; therefore, trapping is the best method of removal.

Rodents are capable of posing serious health consequences to humans. They destroy properties and the environment. Rodent infestation is a troublesome problem that requires professional assistance. We at Rat Relief Headquarters can help you with that by availing of our best quality rodent-control services. Give us a call!

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