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Who we are?

Our company is composed of inspectors, pests specialists, and professionals that offer ethical rodents control services. We use rat control products that are pet- and eco-friendly unlike other rat exterminator Austin.  

Our rodent control services are fast and efficient, thereby assuring you cost-effective rodent exclusion. 

Contacting experts is highly crucial for pest control Austin. It may be tempting to DIY these house issues on your own, but isn’t it better to receive permanent pest and rodent control?

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What problems do we try to solve?

Oftentimes, residents will notice that they are housing unwanted tenants. These are rats, mice, squirrels, and other pests who are an extreme nuisance; they scuttle noisily, destroy sections of the house, scatter wastes, enlarge cracks that lead to bigger holes, and chew electrical wires. 

Constant repairing of these house troubles is time-consuming and income-depleting.

Unfortunately, not every household or workspace cannot avoid these issues. Encountering these pests is a typical occurrence due to the dwindling distance between human-populated areas and wildlife habitat.

Prevent these unexpected problems with the best rodent control Austin with Rat Relief Headquarters!

What are the common rodents in Austin?

Austin, Texas is known for its biodiversity. The city has plenty of parks, rivers, and hiking activities. However, this also makes residents vulnerable to rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels; these are the city’s usual suspects in residential and commercial infestations.

How to get rid of a mouse and rat infestation?

According to Texas Cooperative Extension, correct identification of these pests is crucial for effective and safe rodent removal Austin. This team is able to provide a reference to determine the degree of the infestation, through their wildlife service program. Consider if your house has low, moderate, to heavy infestation with the following indicators:

Signs of Rat Infestation

Additionally, rats and mice have a distinct bad odor. They give off a moldy, urine-, and ammonia-like scents, respectively.


  • How many feces are present?
  • Are these scattered or found in a specific location?
  • Are rodent droppings fresh or old?


Are these noticeable (large stains and highly greasy)?


How often are these passageways used (seldom or frequent)?

Feeding signs

  • Do you see scattered bits of food or is there no sign of food at all?

This factor determines how many house rats and/or mice exist. One pest will eat neatly, whereas the mischief of rats is messy. 


Can you hear squealing and running noises during night time? Rodents are observed to be active after dark.

Where do you find these pests?

Commensal rats are rodents who live close to humans and take advantage of the latter’s shelter, food, and water.

They are categorized into three species and each stays in specific areas.

Norway rats

These pests burrow underneath floors and stacks of garbage.

Black rats

These rodents are also called roof rats and they build their nests on rooves, walls, and attics.


House mice can hide and settle inside shelves, cabinets, and drawers due to their small frames compared to the previous two.

What are the signs of squirrel infestation?

Squirrels sneak into a house when trees become depleted. These usually prefer to stay in the attic because this area’s ventilation suits their needs. Extraction is difficult because they are extremely territorial.

Besides actual sighting, signs of these furry animals’ presence include:

  • Loud noises from the roof, attic, or chimney
  • Gnaw and scratch marks on pipes or electric cables
  • Droppings 
  • Scattered insulation parts
  • Footprints

How to perform rodent control Austin?

The first step in avoiding rodent damages is to contact professionals, like us, to expertly seal the house’s possible entry points both inside and outside.

If left unchecked, you will become the victim of damaged water pipes, electric cables, etc. These are essential parts, and if found faulty, these can endanger the safety of your family and loved ones.

What are our rat relief and rodent solutions?

Get safe and humane rodent control Austin with us at Rat Relief Headquarters!
According to Derek Whitney, ethical exterminations, like green rat control and Integrated Pest Management (IPM), focus on controlling the pest population through preventive measures in the surroundings, rather than merely killing these rodents.   

These reproduce at a rapid rate and some may have already burrowed deep on your homes. Therefore, baiting and using chemical toxins like mice poison are ineffective alone.
Our infestation solutions range from rat birth control, mice extermination, and squirrel 

Relieve yourselves from the burden of rodent problems! Call us and experience the benefits of our skillset and effective methods.

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