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DIY: How To Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smells in 4 Steps!

A smelly home is a big No! Rat urine is not something you want to get into contact with. Ewww!

From today’s article, learn how to get rid of mouse urine smell in your home.

What’s more, the pests may have infested your properties! The stink hurts your senses even if you are many feet distant from where the pee is located. Say goodbye to the pungent rat pee odor!

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Ways to Neutralize Rat Pee Odor

The intense odor of fresh or dried urine does not seem to go away. You got rid of the mice presence and done cleaning, but if you will check out your home, a stench remains.

What do you do now? Professional rat removal can help you, in the meantime, learn how to neutralize the foul smell yourself while waiting for their arrival. 

See here for an in-depth explanation on cleaning up after rodent urine and droppings, experts advised! Here is a quick list of the essential steps when removing rat urine odor.

  • Find the source of the smell
  • Ventilate the place or the room
  • Use a disinfectant spray for neutralizing the smell
  • Clean the place thoroughly
  • Exclude mice and rats in your properties

What’s With the Smell

How to get rid of mouse urine smell? To remove the staunch smell of mice pee, your solution must dissolve the urine compounds. Urea, uric acid, and ammonia develop and release foul scents into the air.

Vinegar: What Kills Rat Pee Odor

An effective DIY for rat urine odor removal is vinegar. Here is how you can use vinegar:

  • Spray on surfaces where mice often crawl
  • Use a damp cloth dipped in vinegar to serve as wipes over countertops
  • Pour or spread vinegar on floors and use a mop to clean the surface

Here are other DIY solutions for rat and mice urine smell removal:

  • Bleach
  • Baking Soda
  • Charcoal
  • Garlic and peppermint Spray
  • Lemon

When using a plant-based DIY spray, extract the juice and mix it with water. For bleach products, mix 70% of the chemical into 30% water.

If you find a rat and remove the nest and a severe rat odor remains after, you can give it a DIY solution to immediately neutralize the smell. 

Next is to follow these steps for your rat smell remedy at home:

Steps How Rid of the Rat Urine Smell

1- Find the Odor

Locate where the smell is coming from. Rats will usually spread and mark every surface with their pee. It is a sign that they find the place a safe and comfy spot for them to live in. 

When you cannot pinpoint a specific spot, it means the pest had covered the entire palace with its pee. A thorough cleaning must take place.

2- Ventilate

The next thing to do is to ventilate the place. Open the doors and windows and let out the roaming odor. Letting natural air helps neutralize the smell, reduce the presence of the scent, and helps dampen or dry the surface in the area where residues of the urine linger.

Man opening a window

Let airbrush into the space and neutralize the scent. Then, abandon it for at least 30 mins. Open doors, and if there are windows at the other end of the room, open them to cross-ventilate. 

3- Remove the Pee Presence

Begin removing the scattered pee by throwing away stuff that had contacted the urine. Sometimes the rats may have crawled over its fresh urine and spread it all over when it roamed around. 

Remove the smell by using the DIY spray you got at home. Let the solution neutralize the odor in the air. If the smell persists, then begin deep cleaning.

4- Repeat Clean and Throw away Smelly Materials

Pour the bleach solution over walls and floors, tables, and countertops. 

Wash and spray odor neutralizer. Leave the place with a small amount of ventilation. 

Come back and see if the odor has vanished. If the smell persists, repeat the process. Tip: do not use the mop or wipes from the previous cleaning. Throw those out and use a new set of cleaning tools. 

Final Step

DIY solution using household chemicals is enough to help you rid germs and bacteria over the surface and neutralize the air you breathe at home. If you consider DIY cleaning, then you must take the task seriously. Use effective disinfectants and odor neutralizing products for permanent results. Rat fumigation is the solution for avoiding the consequences of living with rats. Other blogs will teach you how to make homemade rat poison for guaranteed rat extermination.

If you think you are running out of time and worrying that rats are a step ahead of you then, calling a rat exterminator will leave you no worries. Leave it to them for a 100 % effective solution.

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