Get rid of rats and keep them from coming back

Ratting Dogs: Dogs, Not Cats, Are the Ultimate Rat Hunters!

Ratting dogs or ratter dog breeds are glorious.  It’s funny that cats get all of the attention for being rat killers when, in reality, the terriers are absolute killing machines.

Domesticated cats do not really hunt rats for the hunt – they probably will if they’re bored and want to present you a rodent gift, but they will not do it all the time. Dogs, on the other hand, have been chasing, catching, and killing vermin so long that it is literally in their DNA.

Rat Terrier

While any dog can be used for ratting, the toughest and the most effective dogs that hunt rats are the terrier. Referred to by some people as “earth dogs,” terriers – whose name is derived from the Latin word terra or earth – are bred specifically for hunting underground critters like rodents.

Because of their small bodies, terriers are agile and quick, with energy that allows them to dig holes, and follow and catch their prey. Not only that, but terriers also have long tails, which owners could use for pulling them out of holes, if necessary. Here are the top terrier breeds that make excellent rat hunters.

Top Terrier Dog Breeds You Can Rely On

Rat Terriers

Which come in different colors like red, white, black, and chocolate are easy to train, playful and loving, which makes them an excellent family pet. They are good around kids, especially if they grew up in the family. Because of their energy, they need to be let out of the house regularly – they need the exercise. Rat terriers love to dig, so be prepared to see holes in your garden.

Here Is A Great Video Of Ratting With Terriers

If you are offended by seeing rats killed, don’t watch the video.

Here is another glorious video of a pack of ratters being turned loose on a serious rat infestation.

And here is one more video of hunting rats with terriers because, dang it…I LOVE watching these dogs do what they were born to do!