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Rat Symbolism & What They Mean In Different Cultures

Many people believe rats are among the most clever animals that may infiltrate your home. These diligent and brilliant creatures are misunderstood and associated with filth, sickness, and even death. They are daring, resourceful, and quick-witted. Read on and explore more about what a rat symbolizes. The rat possesses several fascinating symbolism.

Rats are notorious for being dirty, unpleasant creatures. They like to hide in dark corners and feast on food scraps and other rubbish.

People interpret the rat’s spiritual and dream about rats meaning differently. Certain cultures see the rat as a symbol of fertility, good fortune, and knowledge. In contrast, others equate it with death, disease, tragedy, and ill luck.

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In The Realm Of Symbolism, What Does A Rat Symbolize?

Rats may flourish in the most adverse situations despite their reputation for being intelligent and cunning. These majestic creatures teach us to value and safeguard our natural resources as a symbol of wisdom. To stay out of trouble, they’ve mastered sneaking between the gaps. Rats’ adaptability means that they will always find a way to aid you in surviving, even in the face of hardship. 

Rats symbolize intelligence because they adapt to new situations while remaining vigilant, suspicious, and on the lookout. 

When you observe rats in their cages, you will see that they are clever. They instinctively understand how to solve difficulties. 

In many civilizations, rats are associated with fertility, good fortune, and cleverness. Some believe that rats are an omen of the development and extension of one’s family. They are used by several cultures to protect women during childbirth. Rats are depicted as tough creatures with an innate feeling of self-sufficiency.

Rats are viewed as a symbol to be cautious and avoid ill-luck by individuals who feel they embody these negative characteristics. Rats are sometimes shown as thieving rodents. Several tales about rats refer to being bitten by a rat. The rat’s connotation differs according to geographical location and historical era.

Rats Have A Variety Of Cultural Implications

Asian civilizations believe that the rat is a messenger from heaven who bestows good fortune and luck to those who deserve it. Rats bring good luck if they enter your home uninvited. Rat iconography is a sign of pleasure or wealth in various cultures.


The deity of prosperity, sometimes shown holding a rat, is associated with rats in Chinese culture. Another possibility is that they are viewed as fortunate charms by some. Rats are portrayed as clever and capable of assisting in the uncovering of buried treasures in Chinese folklore.


In medieval times, rat symbolism was interpreted differently than it is now. Rats have a long history of being associated with evil and the devil. Historically, they were believed to spread disease and deprive humans of food. In European mythology, the rat is seen as a thief and a bringer of bad luck.

Native America

In Native American mythology, rats are worshiped as deities. These symbols can depict change and transition, frequently associated with death and rebirth. According to the animal’s symbolism, the rat is a powerful spirit guide in this culture.

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Does The Bible Speak About Rats? 

In the Bible, rats are a punishment for Egypt’s rejection of God’s instructions. Rats are viewed as a symbol of death and disaster.

In Theological Terms

Rats are frequently used in religious art to symbolize the devil and seduction by many people. Rats may be seen as a warning to avoid evil or ill behavior by those who have witnessed them. You may also interpret rat symbolism as a warning that you will do a heinous act, but it is entirely up to you whether or not to succumb.

Rats In Literature And Art

Many tales have symbols of rat greed, selfishness, and dishonesty.

The themes of transfiguration and rebirth are prevalent in rodent mythology. The symbology may be seen as a sign that individuals entrenched in their old ways or routines are ready to make a significant change.

Additionally, rat symbolism can represent the most sinister parts of human nature. Rat imagery was used in horror literature and films to elicit an audience’s sensation of fear or hate.

Even Leonardo da Vinci’s classic painting “The Last Supper” has a depiction of the beast. The rat symbolism in this work might be seen as a sign that one of the characters is about to betray Christ. The rat sign can be interpreted in several ways, and it can represent disorder and deterioration in one’s own life or the environment in which one lives.

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Rats are viewed as adventurous risk-takers. When we look for ways to enhance our lives, rats appear and announce their existence. Although rats appear to be filthy and disgusting, the symbolism associated with this excellent spirit animal advises you to purge your life of any extra clutter.

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