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Rat Poison That Kills Without Odor: RatX Review

If you have rats in your home, using rat poison might seem like the best solution to get rid of them if you don’t want to call an exterminator. However, suppose you use some rat poison and a few days later you notice a foul odor coming from somewhere in your home.

It turns out that the rat poison did its job, but now you have another, more gruesome, problem. There’s a decaying rat corpse somewhere in your house that you need to get rid of before it starts infecting your home.

RatX Ingredients

What Causes Animals to Decompose?

What you need is a rat poison that kills without causing an odor, rat poison that dries them out and is non-toxic to humans and other animals. You need to somehow get around the natural decomposition of animals to prevent the rat poison from doing more harm than good, which means you need to understand what causes a dead body to decompose in the first place.

When an animal dies, its body then becomes a breeding ground for saprophytic bacteria, which are bacteria that feed on dead things. The reason this happens is mainly two-fold. First, the animal’s natural immune system doesn’t ward off these bacteria anymore. Secondly, most animals, including humans, have a body that is mostly made of water, an excellent breeding environment for these bacteria. As they feed and react with the environment, they create the foul odor of decomposition.

Dealing with this part of nature requires that you mummify the corpse. No, we don’t mean wrapping it up in bandages and burying it in a desert pyramid; we mean removing all the water from it and depriving the bacteria of their necessary environment. This is where Rat X comes into play.

How Does RatX Work?

Rat X is a rat poison created EcoClear Products. They believe in using all-natural materials and processes to deal with rodents and other pests without harming your pets or children if they ingested the product. It’s made from vegetables and grains that have no toxic qualities whatsoever. The reason they work is by interacting with the rodent’s digestive system.

Mice and rats have a digestive tract that works different from most other mammals. In the lower intestines, the tissue is coated with small hairs called villi. RatX works by coating these villi and disrupting the rodent’s nervous system. This disruption as a result of sodium chloride causes the rat to lose the impulse to drink water.

Obviously, this causes it to dehydrate. Without enough water, the nervous system cannot transmit impulses properly, the blood thickens, and tissues begin to die. After a few days, the rodent dies after a period of lethargy and sleep.

After death, the RatX that remains in the digestive system rapidly absorbs all the water remaining in the body, causing it to dry out and mummify. This won’t completely eliminate the smell of decomposition, but it reduces it. According to the website, the odor gets reduces by 90 percent. If you still want to find the rat and remove it, you can, but the smell won’t be nearly as noticeable when you use RatX.

Why is RatX Safe?

It is safe for cats, dogs,and other animals than rodents because of the way the rodent’s digestive system works.Even if a dog or cat were to eat one of the pellets, nothing would happen to it. For one, a single pellet would barely register to a large dog or cat. Another reason is that there is no poison and the pellet does not react with the pet’s digestive tract the way it would with a rat’s or a mouse’s.

How to Use Rat X Effectively

To use Rat X effectively you need to use it as the only possible food source for the rodents. Don’t leave other food out and keep it away from places where other animals might eat it. The product works best when you combine it with other types of bait like peanut butter.

Try spreading it along walls where you know rats congregate and eat food. Don’t have rat poison or traps out in the open; small rodents prefer dark corners and recessed places over large open areas. RatX is one of the most effective and safest rat poisons on the market. Not only that, but it almost eradicates the problem of a dead rat creating a smell throughout your house.

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