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Cartoon Rats: Famous TV and Movie Rodents Character

While most rats are rather unsightly in reality, television and cinema have provided rats with an entirely different image. Like how they’ve personified other animals, TV has given rats a more adorable look that appeals to its viewers.

Nowadays, when you think of cartoon rats and rodents, you’ll probably have several different characters in mind. Of course, everyone will have their top list of favorite TV and movie rodents. However, they’ll have more than enough reason to love them, whatever the case may be.

With that in mind, this article will name a few of the more notable and famous TV and movie rats and rodents. Will some of them be familiar to you? Only one way to find out!

Person in a mickey mouse costume

Popular Rat and Rodent Cartoon Characters 

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

When you talk about famous rats, the first two that come to mind will most likely be Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Of course, you could argue that they’re mice and not rats, but they’re essentially the same animal known as rodents.

Mickey Mouse first made his appearance in 1928 in his iconic cartoon Steamboat Willie. The person who first gave life to his voice was Walt Disney. In the same cartoon, Minnie Mouse was also introduced to its viewers! What’s more, Walt Disney was also the first to give life to her voice.

Nowadays, the two are one of Disney’s most iconic pairs. From their signature gloves and clothes to their ears and voice, anyone worldwide can identify Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Jerry Mouse

One of Hanna-Barbera’s creations, Jerry Mouse, has become another household name for cartoon lovers of all ages.

Almost always appearing alongside his feline counterpart, Tom, Jerry has shared in several adventures and misadventures alike. However, if one were to talk about his first appearance, you could come across two answers. First, some might say that he first appeared in the 1940 cartoon “Puss Gets The Boot,” but as an unnamed character. But, if you talk about his first appearance as THE Jerry Mouse, some might argue it was during the 1941 cartoon “The Midnight Snack.”

Jerry has become another iconic rodent to grace the TV for decades, whatever the case may be. While rarely speaking, people worldwide know this mouse for all the mischief he brings.

Speedy Gonzales

Coming from the Looney Tunes series, you have the iconic, lively, and unbelievably fast Speedy Gonzales.

Known as “The Fastest Mouse in All Mexico,” Speedy Gonzales made his first official appearance in 1955 in a self-titled cartoon. Bringing life to the signature “Arriba! Arriba!” was Mel Brooks. Nowadays, you have Gabriel Iglesias lending his voice for Mexico’s fastest mouse.

Much like Jerry and Mickey and Minnie, Speedy’s another household name in terms of cartoon rodents. Whether he’s running away from Sylvester or Daffy Duck, you’re sure to see him bringing around some chaos along with him and his iconic sombrero.

Airing Speedy Gonzales running in the dessert

Fievel Mousekewitz

While “An American Tail” was an animated movie released in 1986, its themes were something you wouldn’t expect from a cartoon meant for kids. However, whatever the case may be, it brought forward the character of Fievel Mousekewitz.

Looking to find a better life in the United States of America, Fievel and his family ventured through many hardships and difficulties before getting there. With young Phillip Glasser lending his voice to the equally young mouse, it was hard not to fall in love with little Fievel and feel for him throughout the movie.

To this day, you can bet that the children of the early 80s and 90s still remember Fievel and the story that he told.

Master Splinter

While initially a comic book character, Master Splinter’s animated likeness graced the screen in 1987. A titular character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series, Master Splinter was sensei to Michaelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo.

With Peter Renaday lending his voice to the character, it’s hard to imagine the ninjutsu master without hearing his voice. Whether in exasperation from the turtle’s antics or in praise for a job well done, the iconic Master Splinter will always be remembered for how he spoke in the cartoons.


While initially a recurring character from C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, Reepicheep made his silver screen debut in the 2008 release of Prince Caspian.

With Eddie Izzard bringing life to Reepicheep’s voice, viewers witness and hear this swashbuckling mouse fight for his friends. From his taunts to his charm, Reepicheep has become one of the Narnia series’ most beloved characters. After all, he is such a brave and loyal mouse.

Reepicheep holding a sword while standing


Lovingly known as the “little chef” in Disney-Pixar’s 2007 film Ratatouille, Remy has become famous for something you’d least expect from a rat.

Despite being a place where no rat should ever find themselves, Remy’s made a five-star restaurant’s kitchen his home. Inspired by his hero, Chef Auguste Gusteau, Remy took to heart his hero’s words, “anybody can cook”. With Patton Oswalt lending his voice to Remy, you see that he has what it takes to become a chef.

Jaq and Gus

The inseparable duo from Disney’s 1950 animated film, “Cinderella”, Jaq and Gus are part of Cinderella’s troupe of adorable animal allies.

With Jimmy MacDonald voicing these two mice, people see this adorable pair do their best to help Cinderella through her entire ordeal. While unconventional, these rodents become one of the most lovable companions of the Disney princess. It’s probably not even farfetched to say that the little girls of the time would have loved to have their own Jaq and Gus.

Miss Bianca and Bernard

Like the two protagonists of the 1977 animated film The Rescuers, Miss Bianca and Bernard proved that bravery knew no size.

Despite being mice, Bianca and Bernard took the Rescue Aid Society’s principles to heart and did all they could to help a young orphan in distress. With Eve Gabor voicing Miss Bianca and Bob Newhart voicing Bernard, it’s easy to hear them bickering and figuring out their plan when you think about them.

Bianca and Bernard walking in the rain wearing raincoats

Stuart Little

Then, of course, you have Stuart Little. It’s impossible to think about famous movie rodents and not have this mouse.

Loosely based on an E.B. White novel of the same name, this 1999 movie introduces us to Stuart Little and his adoptive family, the Littles. Voiced by the renowned Michael J. Fox, this oddly familiar voice matches Stuart’s character. Yes, he’s little, but he has a spirit that encompasses him in size. This is yet another movie rat that’s hard to forget.


These are just some famous TV and movie rats and mice that have graced their presence on screen. Did any of them sound familiar to you? Perhaps they brought along some pleasant memories and welcome nostalgia?

If they did, maybe it’s time to watch those movies again! For all you know, what you see will be way better than what you remember. But, if not, it’s still good to take a break and reminisce a bit. You might need it, for all you know!

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