Get rid of rats and keep them from coming back

Rat Block: Things You Can Do To Your House

There are many things you can do to keep the mouse from entering your house. Block the doors and windows and never let the unwelcomed guest sneak into your premises.

Rats live where you live, but this does not have to stay this way. You can employ rat block tactics to exclude them from your properties. Today’s article lets you into effective rat exclusion. 

How to Block Mice from Your Home’s Entryways

Closeup picture of rat from drain gate

Like how you secure your properties from unwanted guests or block your nosy neighbor that keeps nitpicking what you do, you can do the same from unwelcome pests.

No need for bars and chains to keep the doors locked and blocked. Learn practical and out-of-the-box ideas to exclude pests right at the entrance of your home

Here are four practical do-it-yourself rat fumigation methods!

1- Remove the Access to Food Source

You’d probably see and read this fact a hundred times over. Rats eat what you eat. They keep coming back to your home uninvited and go straight to the kitchen because of the food source that you provide them. And it is already challenging to keep your cupboard covers free from gnawing and bite marks from the sharp-toothed nuisance.

Is it already your fourth time to replace the wooden cabinet doors because of hotels implanted by the mouse? No stopping them if they keep on finding what they need at your home. 

You can block rats at the entry point. Secure the kitchen doors and walls. Remove their access to the food source. 

2- Fill Holes and Gaps

Block any holes and gaps that invite the rats from squishing their bodies through. Remember, they love narrow spaces, so what you might think is thin cracks is already an opening for the pests to come indoors. 

3- Clean-up the Yard

Follow this checklist to clear your backyard and garden of the mess that mouse loves:

  • Trim the shrubs
  • Cut tree limbs
  • Declutter
  • Store Garden Tools Properly
ladies cleaning the front-yard

4- Poison the Rat from the Outside

Using poison and rat repellant is effective. But to use it outdoors before they reach your indoors is much better. Poisoning any curious rats who want to enter your premises deters them. Block their senses even before they put a finger around the area. If they know that poison is on their way, it will discourage them from pushing through. 

What to Use to Block Rat Holes

A piece of wood or mats 

Block the base of the door with a wood or vinyl tile or rubber mat. 

Metal screen or railings to block large mice

Some houses install screens or bars on their windows. Be sure not to use the ones which the rats can bite their teeth into. Some windows screens are made of soft wires that even small mice can tear with their tiny incisions.

Window screen with tiny bits of water droplets
Seal holes in and out with steel wool

Mice and rats will find it hard to bite through and cut holes on steel wool. This makes preventing rats from entering any holes around your homes effective.

You can also easily buy steel wool in bulk from your local hardware stores. The steel wool is made of layers of wires that make it hard for the mice to chew. Use this as fillers to any gaps on the walls, vents, or cracks on the floor. 

Fill gas and cracks with rodent block poison or rat repellent.

Another blocking tactic is with a rodent block foam spray. Such is a rat repellent product that you spray on cracks or crevices on floors or walls. It contains expanding foam that adheres to a hole and fills them. In this way, rats and mice will get blocked and won’t find any reason to crawl in.

Next up! Doing things on your own at home to stop the rats and mice from entering sometimes will not be enough. You need the help of your community or the local experts to battle the entire rat population.

Here are two important things to consider.

Exclude Rats Include your Neighbors

Have you done all the methods listed above and still having rat problems? Then this might be your neighbor’s, not yours. 

Rats may just be taking turns from your home to your next-door neighbor. When this is the case, you can check to see if your neighbors got the signs of rat infestation.

 Talk to them and invite them into a mice eradication project in your community.

Calling the Expert Rat Exterminator

Lastly, the best way to discourage pests from sneaking into your properties is to eradicate them., Block their senses with rat-killing techniques that professional rodent exterminators use. As brutal as it sounds, there are humane ways to kill rodents that pester your properties. If you are curious about how those tactics work, hire a local pest control service team to help you ASAP.

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