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Pocket-Sized Pocket Friends!

Usually, when you think about rats, what usually comes to mind is the kind you see inhabiting your sewers and dumps. However, these aren’t only the kinds of rats that exist. Scientifically speaking, the rats that people know as pests are just one member of the more prominent rodent family.

While those rodent family members are pests, other members are pets! Much like their other family members, these rodents are just as small and would make for perfect pocket pets. Some domesticated rodents are popular pets that many people take into their homes. Of course, the only difference between these pets and their pesky relatives would be that they’re cleaner, cuter, and safer to have around.

If you’re someone that knows their animals and pets, you might already know some of these pets. However, don’t you worry for those who never really knew! Keep reading on, and you’ll find out what these pocket-sized pets are! You might find the perfect pocket-sized companion for you for all you know!

Set of rodent pets

Why A Pocket Pet?

Before anything else, you might be wondering why people would consider getting these little rodent companions as pets. Well, there are several reasons why. For starters, these pets require less space than other typical pets, making them perfect for animal lovers who don’t have huge living spaces.

Aside from that, many of these pocket-sized friends are less tedious to care for than a dog or cat. Of course, they all still have their own unique needs. But, these pets can be easier to take care of and feed. So, if you want a companion that won’t be hard to take care of, that’s another reason why people like these smaller pets.

The Common Rodent Pocket Pets

White Rats

If you watch a lot of movies, you already know what a white rat looks like. However, while most movies depict these rats as test subjects, they also make for perfect pets!

Unlike their sewer-dwelling counterparts, white rats are very clean! They’re also intelligent little creatures and make great pets. What’s more, these rats rarely bite, making them perfect for children to care for.

These tiny companions love having company. So, it’s always good to have them in pairs. They only need a cage to stay in, preferably with lots of cozy spots and climbing and running space. For food, any pellets formula is perfect for them to eat. With all that in mind, white rats make for a lovable companion that is easy to care for.

White rat pet

Mice, Gerbils, Hamsters

Other small rodents can make for perfect pets. Mice, hamsters, and gerbils are excellent examples of these. However, it’s worth noting that these rodents have some unique personalities and temperaments.

For starters, hamsters have a greater tendency to bite. So, these may not be perfect for children. On the other hand, a pet mouse or gerbil rarely bites as they are more friendly. So, a gerbil or mouse may be an ideal pet for younger kids.

With this, hamsters like being caged alone, while mice and gerbils can be caged together. Though, it is worth noting that if you keep a mouse and gerbil together, both of them should be female as they are less aggressive.

These small rodent pets can also be kept in a wire cage. However, the floor should be solid, and the spaces between cage bars should be narrow to ensure they stay put. Having bedding, climbing surfaces, and an exercise wheel would make for the perfect cage environment.

The pellets available on the market would be more than enough for their daily nutritional needs. In addition, throwing in some chewing material would also help prevent tooth overgrowth.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs happen to be one of the more popular pocket pets, and you can attribute this to their very friendly disposition. As they love being cuddled, these make for the perfect pet for first-time pet owners.

Like their domesticated relatives, a wire cage with a solid floor is their typical home. However, a base lined with a soft material like a towel would be ideal for making it more comfortable for them.

As for what they eat, commercially-available pellets made especially for them would be ideal. They can also eat grassy hay. However, giving them vitamin-rich foods, specifically vitamin C, is necessary to ensure they don’t develop any deficiencies.

Brown and White Guinea Pig on White Textile

Pocket-Sized Takeaways

While these animals aren’t your typical pets, these pocket-sized creatures still make for great companions. This is especially true if you love animals but don’t have the space for them. However, despite their small size, they still do require the same care and attention as you would give any other pet.

So, if you want to have a pet but might not have the space or capability to care for a cat or dog, consider a pocket pet! They still give the same amount of love as any other pet, and the only difference is they’re small enough to fit in your pocket. But, despite all that, they’re still such fantastic company to keep!

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