Get rid of rats and keep them from coming back

How Do You Get Rid of Rats Without Harming Pets or Other Animals?

There are two types of animals that live with you at home – pets and pests. One is a friend that you love to keep forever. The other is a nemesis that you want to get rid of anytime sooner. 

You bring out your most trusted traps or elixir ready to bait, trap and kill the pests. Mice, rats, even squirrels are furry mammals that do not deserve your love. But be careful before you get rid of the pests with poison. Your tikes might roam around and mistake that toxin for a treat. 

Here is today’s blog. We list down for you the rat poison safe for pets. Natural or plant-based sprays and DIY traps are your options to keep your beloved furry friends safe.

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Non-TOXIC Methods That Rid of Rats

Think about this hard. Where do you think rats came from? And why does it now bother you that they found a niche in your homes? They come from outside, right?

That is right! Pests belong outside while your pets stay in the house. Remember this term, “exclusion.” The easy and safest way that you can initially do is exclusion.

1- Clean Yard

A safe and practical way is to clean the yard. Remove clutter. Cut grass and kill weeds. Do these, and you won’t ever have to bother to kill rats. 

Rats and mice find it attractive when the yard or the garden are unattractive and chaotic. Not that they lack aesthetic taste. While they don’t need an eye for fashion, they find the chaos somewhat comforting.

A messy home is a perfect haven for them to breed. So give them their experience of hell when they see a clean yard with no cardboard to shred, no old items to burrow their teeth into, etc.

To shoo away the mice and rats away from the garden and yards:

  • Remove all clutter
  • Don’t leave garden tools in the garden
  • Remove garbage bags 
  • Provide a trash area with covered bins
  • Put away food sources nearby

Another way to dismay the unwanted visiting guest is NOT to give them what they came for. Food. Put away all the food. You may have food storage near the back kitchen. Put them away. And the mouse will stop playing.

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Use Pet-Safe Traps

In using traps, use a pet-safe trap. One example of this is a rat snap trap with a safe pedal design. These traps will have the teeth catcher inside, and they have enclosures. In that way, any pet, cat, dog, or even bunnies (if you got them) will not get caught. 

Cover Rat Holes

A method better than traps is a smoke bomb, and there is a safe way to use it. You might worry that the pets at home may inhale the gas and may get affected.

It is crucial that you know how to use this, and timing is vital. You need to cover the rat hole once you put the gas in the burrows. But before all that, you need to time your attack. What if the rats are out and not inside the holes?

Then it would help if you had support tools and tactics to beat the rat antics.

Use rat poison that won’t harm other animals

That’s interesting since you’ve probably asked. “Is there such a” pet-safe “poison?”

A poison combined with proper use will keep your pets safe and ensure the killing of rats. On previous blogs, you’ll read more about homemade rats poison and traps such as water bucket rat trap

  • Use Worm-Bait for Rat Moles

Rat moles who burrow underground are pesky garden gnomes who destroy the landscape. For ridding these sneaky critters, keep the basics in mind: Bait, Trap, Kill.

Using worm bait is safe for pets, too. To use this, you need to bait the rats or moles underground. An additional tip, follow the instructions in the product description of the ones you will buy. Cover the holes right after you feed them, followed by the rat smoke, and then cover the holes one final time. 

Worm baits may contain cyanide. So be careful That you use them for killing rodents that burrow underground. In this way, your pets will not eat them if they sniff the soil above ground.

  • Use Natural Rodenticide Pellets

Rodent pellets consist of corn gluten as the active ingredient. This is MUCH safer than the worm baits. Worm baits can be fatal if they are let out the surface.

The pellets will slowly form blood clotting on your targeted rodent species. In doing this, the rats die in a much humane way possible. The pellets irritate their blood and irritate their digestive tract.

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