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Identification of Rodents Using Pictures

Rodents make up 40% of all mammals on the planet, found globally. Rodents can be found on all six continents. They can be found and live in almost any environment, including human homes.  They reproduce quickly and can cause significant property damage to humans. They prefer warm environments and frequently seek shelter in places like these. 

Here are pictures of rodents and some interesting facts about them.

Rodent Identification Pictures


Beaver in the wild

Beavers are large rodents that live in the woods. Rivers and dense forests are typical habitats for these creatures. They eat fallen leaves, twigs, and branches in particular. They spend a lot of time in the water, and their bodies have evolved to accommodate this. 


Small blesmol looking curious

Mole rats are another name for blesmols. These are mice that are burying themselves, and they represent evolution. They have excellent hearing and tactile senses. 

Blesmols have powerful incisors that aid in soil digging. Roots, tubers, and bulbs are their primary sources of food.

Rats from the Chinchilla family

White rat in black cage with red eyes

These rodents are odorless and quiet. They have a soft, dense coat and a propensity for gnawing and chewing. They hide in warm places. They can chew on objects made of wood, rubber, and cardboard.


Brown and black chipmunk in sidewalk

These are striped squirrels that are small in size. These are found in social situations and are pretty easy foraging for food. 

Fruits, nuts, and seeds are their only sources of nutrition. They eat human food as well. They eat cultivated grains and pulses when they’re around humans. These animals are diurnal, meaning they sleep for at least 15 hours each day. The most noticeable features are front paws, striped fur, and a cheek pouch.


Cream colored gerbil in a transparent jar

Gerbils are rodents that are related to mice and rats. They prefer warm environments. Seeds are the primary source of nutrition for these rodents, and they do not require much water to stay hydrated.  

Distinguishing characteristics of gerbils are string back legs, tawny fur, and a very long tail. 

Guinea Pigs 

Tricolored guinea pig

These cavie rodents are round fluff rodents that belong to the cavies family. These are burrow dwellers who live in caves underground with their entire families. The most distinguishing features are colorful fur, large eyes, and sharp claws. These have a visual field of about 340 degrees. 

These are frequently used in scientific experiments and provide extraordinary evidence.


White hamster beside food nuts

Hamsters are chubby rodents with short tails. They prefer to live in long underground tunnels. These rodents hide from predators during the day and night, then forage for food at dusk and dawn. 

The stuffed food is stored in the caves of these hamsters for later use.  A fascinating fact is that a female hamster hides her babies in these pouches in times of danger.


Brown mice in tree eating fruit

The tiniest and most successful rodents cause massive property damage.  They have pointed snouts and long hairless tails. 

It could be a domestic mouse, a wood mouse, or a harvest mouse. Short ears, a snout, and long tails are distinguishing characteristics. These creatures also have long whiskers that assist them in navigating in the dark.  Mice have keen senses of smell, sight, and hearing and can detect danger from a great distance.


Porcupine sitting on a rock

Porcupines, or prickly monsters, are large rodents with sharp spines. They don’t have soft hair or prickly thorns on them. These assist them in avoiding predator attacks. 

These are strong climbers who spend a lot of time in the trees. Their front teeth are large, and they have a voracious appetite. Grayish brown to black body with silver and black spines are distinguishing features.


Rat munching food

Rats, mice’s larger relatives, are the species that can cause havoc in human settlements. They are intelligent animals that can eat almost anything. Black and brown rats are the most well-known. 

These pests wreak havoc on farms, storage facilities, and warehouses.  They can chew through just about anything, including pipes and wires. Rats have strong bodies and sturdy legs to move quickly around their environment.


Squirrel in garden eating nuts

Squirrels are the most widely distributed rodents on the planet. These can be found in all types of terrain. Though many people get confused about the difference between rat vs squirrel. To clear things up, the squirrel has a slim, flexible body that aids in jumping and climbing. Their tails have a unique adaptation that aids in body balance. 

Nuts and seeds are their primary sources of nutrition. Their long husks aid in food nibbling. Distinguishing features are the long eek body, tail, gripping paws, and brown fur.


Woodchuck walking on cement

This is one of the most dependable and giant ground squirrels. These creatures live underground or in trees. These rodents have big front teeth. 

These rodents prefer grassy lawns and a group of houses in a courtyard. This animal lives alone and hibernates in deep caves. Sharp claws, thick fur, and long whiskers are prominent features.

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