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How Do Onions Kill Rats?

Onions placed in a chopping board

To kill rats with onions, you have to make them eat them raw. But the trick is rats hate the smell of spices. Onions are a strong-smelling spice making it hard to get a rat close to it, more so eat it. 

Today’s article will help you understand how do onions kill rats? Is it pet safe rat poison? How effective will an onion be against rats? Is there any alternative homemade rat poison? If you are thinking of one bulb to deter the rats as garlic to vampires. You’re mistaken.

Read on! Find out how onions (Yes! With ‘s’ means more than one onion!) can summon away rats. 

Before You Slice That Onions Consider First

Before you slice that pungent onion bulb and lure a rat into picking it up and poisoning them, consider these facts first:

  • Rats hate the smell of onion, so they might not pick them if trying to feed them
  • Onions’ foul smell irritates the rats’ eyes the same as with humans 
  • Raw onions will suffocate the rats if they eat them
  • Eating raw onions will also make the rats anemic
  • Putting raw onions at the entrances of your homes will NOT kill rats but will DETER them

What Does the Onion Do to the Rats

So what will happen to a rat when it eats raw onion? The raw slices will upset a rat’s stomach. It drains water out of them and will cause them anemia. 

The raw onion fumes toxic residues. Its juice and gaseous scent are toxins that irritate the rats. That poisonous gas from the onion is what causes the rats’ difficulty in breathing. 

How can you trick rats into eating large amounts of raw onion?

DIY rat repellent using onion may be tricky. Unless the rats eat the onions raw, this trick will be effective. The real question then is, “can you make the rat eat raw onions?”

It would help if you had an effective and quick solution to eliminate the presence of pests in your properties. Better yet, call the rat control experts in your area. Having the professionals to help you ensure that they will be eliminated without delay! But, if the path of onions is the way you want to go, then you have a long way to tread before racing successful results.

Here are a few steps you can follow to use onions to stop the mice and rats from entering your homes.

DIY Onion Rat Repellent

Onion Food Baits

1- Fried meat with onion

What You Need:

Fried meat chunks

Onions chopped

What to Do:

Fry pieces of meat. While still hot, mix in raw chopped onions. The heat will help extract onion juice and help slightly cook its outer layer without cooking the inside. It remains raw entirely. Once the fried meat flavor is mixed into the raw onions’ heated surface, a rat might bite into it; thus ingesting some of the raw elements of the onion. It will eventually harm the rat’s stomach.

2- Onion Stew

What You Need:

Raw Minced Onions

Beef Stew

What to Do:

Use the stew as a trap or place it in a bowl. Set it up on entrances or holes where rats usually enter. The raw onion will extract its juice and scent to mix into the stew. Also, having the uncooked pieces minced will make it difficult for the rat to sense that the onions are uncooked. The beef stew will also overpower the scent of the onion. Using that trick, you can finally munch on some raw onions.

Man chopping fresh red onions


Another method of using onions to kill rodents is with a DIY spray. You can mix it with peppermint and bleach. The combined forces of these toxic aromas will be enough to stop the rats and mice from getting near your belongings.


Another effective onion repellent is using onion balls. Here is what to do:

  • Slice onions
  • Pour over water with peanut butter oil on a shallow dish
  • Dip and soak cotton balls on the mix
  • Get a piece of raw onion and roll them inside the damp and oily cotton
  • Place the onion balls on areas that rats and mice often visit

The rat will sip or try to extract the oil and the peanut butter residue while it also leaks and consumes the onion extract.

How Long Will the Onions Take Effect to Kill a Rat

Say a rat had ingested 5-7 tablespoons of raw onions. That amount is enough to irritate the digestive tract and throat of the rat. You need to wait 12 hours for the onion’s toxins to take effect. 

What to Do if Rats Ate Onions

After knowing how long the onion’s toxic elements will affect the mice and rats, make sure that the rodents find a water source nowhere in your place. Without water to drink, the rat will have no way of flushing the onion extract out its body.

Lastly, have a professional rodent killer from your locale. Get their help and expert advice on how to locate dead rats. See further from the posts on this site for tips on how!

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