Get rid of rats and keep them from coming back

How Inner City Rats Can Affect The Community

One thing is sure in the rat race of life: there is no place like home. While inner-city rats can travel freely, they establish separate communities where they spend most of their life.

Two rats in city beside trash bag

The Most Serious Side Effects of Rats in Cities


The house mouse, Norway rat, and roof rat are the three most common rodent pests in the United States. Rodents are known to spread various illnesses, and in many areas, rodents dwell near humans. Rodents can spread illness directly by their feces, urine, or saliva or indirectly through ticks, mites, or fleas. Common illnesses are hantavirus, leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and murine typhus fever. 

Rodent infestations and associated allergen exposure can also occur in various settings. This includes residences, schools, hospitals, retail establishments, restaurants, and animal research institutions.

Rat mites are dangerous to human health. Many more are exposed to rat danger, hair, urine, and excrement, which are present in every house in the inner city. Around 20% of inner-city youngsters get sensitization to rodent allergens and may develop asthma.

Food Contamination

The public is concerned with rodent management. There is a large impact of rats on food supplies, rodents devour and contaminate food with their hair, urine, and excrements causing food shortages and sickness.

Structural Properties

Rat burrowing causes streets and structures to collapse, and their continual chewing has a detrimental effect on structural properties. This has resulted in blackouts, power outages, computer breakdowns, fires, and human fatalities. 

Rodents nibbling on gas lines, electrical cables, and matches cause 25% of all fires to “unknown causes.”

Today, groups of rats dwell within and beneath cities, and they migrate through sewers and utility lines from building to building. Each rat colony has its area, which can extend the length of an entire city block and contain more than 100 rats.

Rats and mice can locate new items, food sources, and escape routes each evening exploring their territory. The territory or “home range” is often within a 50- to 150-foot radius. A mouse’s region or “home range” is within a 10- to the 30-foot radius of the nest. Rodents have smaller territories in areas where their basic needs (food, water, and shelter) are supplied.

While mice are curious about new items in their territory, rats are often wary of anything that emerge out of nowhere. Rats may ignore newly put rodent bait and traps for days or even weeks, especially if they have access to other food. However, the interested rat may accept bait more.

The Challenge of Managing Rat Infestation

Man in white suit disinfecting sidewalk of metropolitan area

A typical metropolitan city receives many complaints about rat problems and conducts rodent control inspections and baiting services. 

Effective large-scale rodent control operations must have a concise plan that integrates technical pest management competence with interagency collaboration and public relations. 

Community rodent control initiatives encounter several obstacles. The approach should incorporate a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of rodent control. 

A control plan involves:

  • Understanding rodent biology.
  • Integrate pest management strategies.
  • Rodent control devices.
  • The properties and dangers associated with rodenticides.

This knowledge is crucial for successful control and providing the public with information on the city’s rodent control program on a proactive and on-demand basis.

Guidelines for rodent proofing and control should also be defined for food processing, storage, feed facilities, and sites undergoing new construction, demolition, or other land disturbance. Establishments should be required to ensure the following:

  1. Structural integrity through routine inspections and maintenance.
  2. Sanitary conditions through adequate cleaning, trash removal, and rodent-proof containers.
  3. Sealing off entry points and the maintenance of landscaping that discourages rodent harborage.
  4. Effective industrial pest control service.
  5. Training of employees in established standards of operation.

Additionally, guidelines should allow public health and sanitation inspectors to issue “stop orders.” Such policies will prohibit operations from continuing until they follow rodent control protocols.

When offenders do not comply within a certain period, the municipality may intervene to repair the offending cases. They may also offer an agreement contract for their correction and then bill the violation for these services. 

Fines and other penalties should also be specified, with suitable private, commercial, and repeat violators scales.

The most challenging aspect of developing rodent management programs for towns is merging many local agencies into coherent entities. 

Initiating the process of creating a community rodent control strategy by establishing an “interagency task force” may be the first stage. Rodents and rodent control knowledge and expertise may be obtained from agencies such as the public health department. 

After determining the needed integrated rodent control measures, the department(s) responsible for their implementation can assess needs. Public information can be compiled and plans developed for its dissemination.

Finally, a thriving community rodent management program is to establish a task force. Then coordinate city agencies, and develop a comprehensive rodent management strategy that can be extended. These programs should be contracted in response to changes in rodent infestation levels. Such a plan strikes an effective balance between program expenses and public awareness, health concerns, regulatory enforcement, reduction, maintenance, and, most importantly, cleanliness.

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