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Cat Safe Mouse Traps: Four Options That Won’t Hurt Fluffy

Meet my cat, Francis.  Francis and I had a heart-to-heart talk, and he informed me that if the mice in my bedroom bothered me, I would need to set out some traps because he is sure as heck wasn’t going to waste his time chasing those things. Now, how do I keep mice away from my bed? My answer lies in the rest of this article.

Francis the Cat

Do cats really eat rats? If you have a lazy cat and a mouse problem, you have to make sure that you use cat safe mouse traps to keep your idiot feline furball from getting his paw snapped off.  Here are some interesting and effective pet safe mouse traps for you to consider.

Four Mouse Traps Safe for Cats

These traps are an assortment of lethal and non-lethal options.  All of these are highly effective traps for catching rodents and none of them are capable of harming your pets or children, 100% pet-friendly mouse traps.

No Kill Cube Traps for Mice

The trap style known as a “mouse cube” is a perfectly safe trap designed to catch, but not kill, a mouse. The traps are insanely simple and are based upon a little door that easily swings open in one direction but not the other.  You place some bait inside the trap, and the mouse will walk right in to have a snack.  Once the mouse is inside the trap, it cannot leave through the entry door.

Mouse Cube Trap

There are many variations of the cube trap, and they are all effective.  It is physically impossible for your cat to get hurt with this style of trap.

The biggest disadvantage of a mouse cube is that you have to figure out what you want to do with the trapped mouse after it works.

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

If you are looking for a lethal trap for mice that won’t hurt your kitty, then take a look at the Victor electronic mouse trap.

Victor Electronic Mouse Killer

The electronic mouse trap from Victor has a small opening that lets a mouse enter the main chamber.  When the mouse makes contact with the two metal plates inside the chamber, it is instantly electrocuted by 8000 volts of electricity.

This trap is safe to use around pets since the opening is too small for a cat or dog to enter.  The trap even has a series of internal baffles that prevent a cat from being able to reach inside with its paw.  While a determined cat MIGHT be able to reach in and touch ONE of the metal plates, the trap doesn’t activate until BOTH plates are touched simultaneously.

Once the trap kills the mouse, you can simply remove the lid, dump the deceased rodent into the trash and reuse the trap as needed.

If you decide to go with an electronic trap, make sure you get the ones designed for mice and not rats. An electric rat trap will typically have an opening that is large enough for a cat to enter, and you do NOT want that.

Here is the link to see the electronic mouse traps on Amazon.

Here is the link to see the electronic mouse traps on Amazon.

Plank Style Bucket Trap

This trap lets the mice “walk the plank” until the lever activates and dumps them into a five-gallon bucket rat trap.  If you want the trap to be lethal, add a few gallons of water to the bucket, and the mice will drown. If you’re going to use this as a live trap, don’t put any water into the bucket.

Plank Mouse Trap

A nice benefit of this trap style is that the planks reset after the mouse falls into the bucket, catching multiple mice per evening. In order to catch multiple mice, you will need to secure the bait to the plank, so it doesn’t fall into the bucket with the first mouse.

Here is the link to see the plank-style bucket trap on Amazon.

Spinning Log Style Bucket Trap

This bucket trap is similar to the plank-style trap above, except it utilizes a spinning rod to drop the mouse into the bucket.  Whether this trap is lethal to mice depends upon if you add water to the bucket.

Rolling Mouse Killer

As long as you don’t fill the bucket with water, I can’t imagine any way your cat could get hurt with this trap. Wet and angry is a possibility though 🙂

Here is the link to see the spinning log trap on Amazon.

So there you have it…four traps that will catch mice but that are completely safe around your fat and lazy cat.  Now buy some traps and open up a can of tuna fish for Fluffy.

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