Get rid of rats and keep them from coming back

Do Salt Kill Rats?

Aside from the two large front teeth of mice, one thing that might scare you is your loveable furry friends getting poisoned instead of the rat pests.

You wonder, is there a way to harm the pests and not the pets at home? Your answer to “how to get rid of mice without harming pets” is all coming ahead!

The reason you are here is to find a DIY solution home remedies for rats and find out ways to kill the pesky rats and rodents in your properties effectively.

Small rat staring

But at the same time, you are looking for a solution that is safe to use, especially if you are with pets like cats and dogs at home.

Now you are wondering,” can salt kill rats?” “do salt kill rats?” Worms die when poured salt on them. Plus, it is safe to use, and your furry friends won’t get bothered at all.

Jump in today’s article and unravel all you need to know about using these universal condiments and their effect on rats.

Getting Rid Of Rats With Salt 101

You may think of salt as your reliable table companion that gives taste to your food? How about the rat? Do they love that as much as you do? Or what if you give them too much salt? Should they die from it?

First, let’s discover if salt had been used against rats before.

Is Killing Rats With Salt Effective?

Poisoned dead rat

So, how effective is salt in killing rats?

It makes sense if you doubt killing rats with salt. After all, no human has ever been in popular news due to death by salt.

But since there are over 40 million rodent infestation properties in the US alone, it makes sense to try new ways to get rid of mice without harming pets.

Trying your luck with salt is worth it. Besides, salt is easy to access. And a pinch of it will not give you the fatal kidney stone disease.

If you want to salt-poison rats, a pinch is not enough. But if it is 80 grams of salt and above, that will jeopardize a rodent who will consume that much salt in two days.

So, take note, a 100-gram salt is what we are talking about here.

How Does Salt Kill Rats?

For the million-dollar question, how do salt kill rats? So now here is to explain what happens.

A hundred grams of salt that rats consume will lead to acute poisoning. Remember that term, acute. (No, the rats are not cute! You want to kill them, remember?)

Acute means that the effect or impact does not happen all at once. DO NOT expect that the rats would die in an instant.

But when the rat or mouse ate that much salt, it would slowly cause harm to their digestive system.

The rats will eventually die due to gastroenteritis, inflammation, and weakness.

Furthermore, the mice will acquire muscular paralysis, which will prevent them from freely moving and sneaking around your home. Thus it consumes them, and they would die out of hunger.

Blindness and deafness would also result from acute poisoning. When the senses weaken, they will have difficulty hunting, which they are good at.

The Final Verdict

Now you know! Salt can kill rats! But the best way to say it is- the side effects of 80 grams of salt could kill rats.

The concluding thought for this method is how can you then make the rats eat that much? You could offer the rodents cheese covered with plenty of salt.

They could chow on the salt as they dig their teeth on the cheese. Another sure-fire way to lure them is to use rat food, where you can mix the salt as well.

Finally, do not just feed them with salty foods. Make sure to take away all possible water sources. It will hasten the effect. So, lure them rats ASAP! And be generous with salt when it’s their chow time.

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