Get rid of rats and keep them from coming back

Noah Thompson

11 Smells Rats Hate

11 Smells Rats Hate

Rodent control is important for the health and safety of your house. Rats thrive in specific environments and do not in others. Given that they have a keen sense of smell, they are often attracted or repelled by the smells in an environment. Thus, to ensure they never show up or stick around in your […]

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How Do Rats Get In Your House

How Do Rats Get In Your House?

Rats are your home’s most common, annoying, and dangerous rodents. They take every chance to enter your home, bringing diseases and significant damage. An infestation only needs a few rats to start. It is hard to get rid of them once they come in, especially if you have a large house with complex architecture. The

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How to Get Rid of Dead Rat Smell

How to Get Rid of Dead Rat Smell

The presence of a dead rat can lead to serious health problems and cause damage to your property. The stench produced by a dead rodent is also enough to make one vomit, and it’s known for being nearly impossible to neutralize. However, a few remedies exist, the most effective being a meticulous cleanup process. Some

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Do Rats Hate Mothballs

Do Moth Balls Deter Rats?

Most people will do anything to keep rats away from their gardens and homes. In this sense, many think mothballs can play a significant role as they can repel other creatures like cats. However, while they work as an effective repellent for cats, they may not be effective against rats.  Inhaling mothball fumes may not

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How to Kill a Rat

How to Kill a Rat

Rats are unwelcome visitors in nearly every home. They are not just unpleasant to look at but also a health hazard to your family. This is because rats typically carry several diseases and pose a threat to you and the people you love.  They also pose a destructive threat to your possessions. They chew through

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Rat eating fruits of a palm tree

Signs Of Rats In Palm Trees

One of the pestering effects of rats living with you in your properties is their gnaw marks. Inside the home, palm trees rats can climb up elevated storage, and you know they have been there with their bite marks. Worse is when these marks are signs that they can open up the pantry and its

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