Get rid of rats and keep them from coming back

About Us

My name is Weber Collins and I really hate rats

  • Rats have cost me hundreds of dollars in exterminator costs.
  • Rats have chewed through my phone lines and destroyed the insulation around my air conditioning duct work.
  • Rats have literally kept me up at night as I listened to them scurry about in the attic.
  • Rats have polluted my attic with massive trails of rat poop.

I hate rats so much that I became a rat killing expert.  This website was built to pass on some of my knowledge to help you deal with your rat problems.

As I have researched DIY rat solutions I have found that people also need help dealing with other pests in their houses like squirrels, bats, and raccoons in their attic, mice invading car engines, and all sorts of critters destroying their gardens and raiding chicken coops.  I am adding relevant information to help those people as well.

My email is but I have been getting so much spam that I hardly ever check it anymore.  If you want me to see the email please put “NOT SPAM” in the subject line.

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